Product Attributes are a tool that can help you to gain an even deeper understanding of your customer’s experience of your product, based on criteria of your choosing. This criteria is provided by you within your Sales File, to then be shown to your customers on the Feedback Form - Alternatively, Product Attributes can also be assigned to products by using a Product Catalogue.

Attributes can also be displayed on your on-site integration if you’re using the ‘On-Page Reviews’ widget by enabling this feature. To do this, in the Hub head to ‘Marketing’ > ‘On-Page Reviews’, select ‘Product Rating’ and there you’ll see that there’s a checkbox which can be enabled to ‘Show Product Attributes’:


In your sales file your Product Attributes need to be comma separated in their own headed column. We recommend using no more than 6 Product Attributes, and each Product Attribute should be no more than 20 characters to ensure they're displayed as intended. Here’s an example:


Similarly, if you’re including Product Attributes in your Product Catalogue, these must also be comma separated in their own headed column. Here’s an example:


On the Feedback Form, this is how the Product Attributes are presented to the customer to leave their ratings:

Customers cannot add additional comments to their product attribute ratings, this is just an additional rating metric, not a comment field. If you’re looking to add an additional text field, get in touch to ask about Custom Questions.

Product Attributes will not be viewable via the in-Hub campaign preview areas, as the attributes are added via the sales file/product catalogue, not from the campaign itself. If you’d like to test how the attributes are viewed on the Feedback Form, we suggest uploading some test data to send yourself a test campaign – Just let us know when you’re finished testing and we can remove these order references.

When a customer has left feedback which includes Product Attributes, if you’re showing product reviews on your merchant page, this is how the ratings will be presented:


If you’re using our On-Page Reviews widget and have enabled the ‘Show Product Attributes’ setting, this is how the ratings will be displayed within the widget: