Customising your feedback forms couldn’t be easier – our editor makes it simple to change wording, add custom questions* and preview what the form will look like to customers. 

*Custom questions are an additional feature. To find out more, contact our Support team or your Customer Success Manager 

Before you customise your feedback form, make sure you’ve changed your campaign feedback preferences. To find out how to do this, click here. 

To customise your feedback form, simply follow these steps: 

1. Login to the Hub and head to ‘Campaigns > ‘Manage Campaigns’ on the left-hand menu 

2. Find the campaign you wish to edit and select ‘edit’ from the drop-down ‘actions’ menu. If you don’t have Campaign Manager Tool enabled on your account, head to step 3 

3. Click on the blue ‘Feedback Preferences’ button and scroll down to the 'Feedback Form' section, then locate the blue ‘Customise Form’ button and click it:

4. Before editing any content, make sure the correct ‘Preview Language’ is selected from the drop-down menu. The list shows every language supported by Feefo 

5. The form is broken down into four simple, customisable sections: Greeting, Purchases, Service and Product (if product reviews are enabled):

6. You edit each section by hovering over it and clicking the pencil icon. From here, you can change the wording, add dynamic variables and enable media uploads:

7. Adding dynamic variables allows you to pull-through sale-specific information, such as the customer’s name, the order date, Sales Tags, product description and more! You can do this by clicking into a text box and clicking on the ‘Dynamic variables’ menu that appears. Simply choose the content you wish to be pulled through by clicking on the corresponding tab**:

8. Once you’ve made your changes to the text, click the blue ‘Apply’ button to preview what the new text will look like on the form 

9. If you have our Custom Questions or Net Promoter Score products as part of your Feefo package, you will be able to add additional question to the form. You can find out more about these options in our Custom Questions and Net Promoter Score articles. 

10. Once you’ve made all your changes, click the ‘Preview’ button at top of the page on the right-hand side. This will show you how the form will look when customers view it**, both on desktop and mobile 

11. If you’re happy with the content in your form, click ‘Save Template’ to make sure all your changes are saved 

**Dynamic variables will only display the relevant information once the form has been sent to a customer. ‘Merchant name’ for example, will appear as {{merchantName}} in the form preview. Do not add any code snippets, tags, or other forms of programming to the form as these may not be displayed correctly. 

Can I undo any changes made to the form? 

Yes, the ‘Reset template’ button at the top of the page will discard any edits that have ever been made to the form and reset it back to our default template.  

The ‘Back to Feedback Preferences’ button will discard any changes made to the form which haven’t been saved and return you to the Feedback Preferences section of the Hub.