Within the Feedback Preferences section, you can: 

  • Customise your feedback request emails and when they are sent 
  • Customise the feedback form   
  • Choose whether to send out feedback reminder requests 

To access this section of the Hub, login and click ‘Campaigns’, then ‘Manage Campaigns’ on the left-hand menu. If you're only running one campaign, click the ‘Feedback Preferences’ button alongside your default campaign.  

If you are running more than one campaign, click on the ‘Actions’ drop-down box next to the campaign you wish to make changes to and select ‘Edit’. When you’re taken to the next screen, click the blue ‘Feedback Preferences’ button. If you can see more than one button, it may be because you have custom campaigns setup and so have multiple ‘triggers’ for your feedback requests. Make sure you’ve selected the right trigger before making any changes to your feedback preferences. 

How to change your Feedback Request settings 

Feedback request delay


You can choose to send out feedback requests as soon as Feefo receives your sales data or set a delay. For example, if you know it’s going to take a week for shoppers to receive their products from you, you can choose to send the request after one or two weeks have passed, so they have a chance to get and try their products. 

Feedback request time 

Choose whether to send the feedback request ASAP or at a specific time of day. Selecting a specific time of day can improve response rates, as you can work out when your customers are most likely to read and respond to your emails. We’ve found that response rates are highest between 8pm and 12pm in the evening. Find out more in our ‘How to improve your response rates’ guide. 

Feedback request expiry  

If you want unanswered feedback requests to expire after a certain period of time (minimum six months), you can choose to do so.  

How to change your feedback form preferences


Scroll down to the section named ‘Feedback Form’.  

Feedback type 

You can choose to collect service reviews, product reviews or both when sending out customer feedback forms. Tick the ‘capture partial feedback form completions’ if you want incomplete feedback form submissions to be saved. If you do not tick this box, only form submissions where the customer has completed every ‘mandatory’ field and clicked at least one section’s ‘save and continue’ or ‘I’m done’ button will be saved.  

Product rating 

If you’re collecting product reviews, you can choose to set product ratings as mandatory or optional. This is handy if you expect customers to buy a large number of items at once (e.g. a food shop) as you may not want to force them to review every item. You can also enable a ‘not tried yet’ tick box next to each product, so customers can choose not to leave feedback on products they haven’t used yet. 

Product review 

You can also decide whether to make the actual product review mandatory as well as the rating. This means customers must write a comment alongside their rating. You can choose to make this optional, mandatory for negative ratings only or mandatory for all ratings. 

How to send feedback reminder requests 

To increase your response rates, you can choose to set up feedback reminder requests. These are sent out at a time period of your choosing if the customer hasn’t responded to the initial feedback request.  

You can decide to send these out via email or SMS (if you have this product included in your Feefo package) and you can set the reminder to days, weeks or months after you sent the first feedback request. 

How to send ‘not tried yet’ reminder requests 

If you’ve enabled the ‘not tried yet’ option on your feedback form, you can send out review request reminders so they can give feedback when they have used your products. Again, you can choose to send this via email or SMS and decide how many days, weeks or months after you sent the first feedback request you want the reminder to be sent