The ‘Campaigns’ section of the Feefo Hub allows you to change the settings for an entire feedback campaign, including the thank you messages displayed when a customer leaves feedback and whether your reviews are displayed to the public or kept private. 

Please refer to the video/instructions below:

To change these preferences, simply follow the instructions below: 

  • Login to the Hub and head to ‘Campaigns > Manage Campaigns’ on the left-hand menu 
  • Choose the campaign you want to change the preferences for and select ‘edit’ from the drop-down ‘actions’ menu. If you don’t have Campaign Manager Tool enabled on your account, just click the ‘Campaign Preferences’ button underneath your default campaign 
  • Click on the ‘Campaign Preferences’ tab at the top of the page 
  • Choose whether you want your campaign to be public or private. Reviews left as part of a private campaign won’t be published on your Feefo merchant page. When a campaign is set to public, all reviews left as part of that campaign will be published to your merchant page and sent to Google, even the reviews that were left when the campaign was still private. Once you switch a campaign to public it cannot be switched back to private again. 
  • The ‘feedback request “from” name’ changes the sender name that will appear when your customers are sent a feedback request. This is set to Feefo by default, but can be changed to suit your branding 
  • The ‘feedback request “from” email’ allows you to change the sender email address that appears when customers receive a feedback request from you. Again, this is set to a Feefo email address by default, but can be changed if you wish 
  • The ‘Feedback request language’ changes the language of your feedback request emails 
  • The ‘Thank you message’ section allows you to tailor the message that’s displayed to customers after they leave a review. You can change the text for positive (four and five-star), negative (one and two-star) and neutral (three-star) reviews. For example, you may want to encourage customers who have left positive reviews to follow you on social media or give them a refer a friend code. If someone leaves a negative review, you may want to reassure them that your customer service team will be in touch to help resolve their issue 
  • You can also tweak the thank you message for every supported language. You can do this by using the ‘language’ drop-down list. Be sure to press the ‘save campaign’ button so you don’t lose any changes made 
  • The last section of Campaign Preferences allows you to add an iframe to your thank you messages. An iframe must be a responsive HTML page hosted on your server. You can display the iframe by selecting the ‘Show iframe banner’ option, choosing when you want the iframe to display based on specific NPS, service or product review ratings and pasting the https URL where the iframe is hosted into the ‘Iframe URL’ box 
  • Once you’ve added the URL, you will see a preview of how your iframe banner will display. Once you’re happy, click the ‘save campaign’ button