The Test Campaign feature within the Hub allows you to preview what your feedback email(s) will look like before they’re sent out to your customers.  

How to test a feedback campaign 

  • Login to the Hub and head to ‘Campaigns > Manage campaigns’ from the left-hand menu 
  • If you have Campaign Manager Tool, you will need to select which campaign you want to test. Click on the ‘Actions’ drop-down menu next to your chosen campaign and click ‘Edit’. If you don’t have Campaign Manager Tool, you will already be on the right screen 
  • Scroll down to the ‘Test campaign’ section and enter the email address, or addresses, you want the test to be sent to 
  • Click the ‘Send’ button and wait for the email to arrive! If it doesn’t arrive, be sure to check your junk folder 

You will be sent every email that would be sent to your customer throughout the campaign, such as the initial feedback request, feedback reminder email and ‘Not tried yet’ email reminder. If you have Campaign Manager Tool and have multiple triggers on your campaign, you will receive emails from each of these triggers too.  

If you have Feefo SMS and your campaign is set up to send feedback requests via SMS, you will have the option to send test SMS messages too.* 

*Please note: Each test message sent is deducted from your monthly allowance. Since you could be sent multiple messages per test, we recommend you use this feature sparingly.