Callout: Feefo SMS is an additional feature that may not be part of your current Feefo package. If it isn’t currently enabled and you would like to add it to your account, get in touch with us to ask for more details and pricing information. Please note that SMS functionality is not compatible with eCommerce Plugins at this time. 

What is Feefo SMS? 

Feefo SMS allows you to send feedback requests straight to your customers’ mobile phones via text message. Just like your feedback request emails, your texts can be personalised and sent at the perfect time, so you get the best response rates possible.  


How to set up an SMS campaign 

To send feedback requests via SMS instead of email, you’ll need to set up a separate campaign within the Hub and upload sales data with the ‘mobile’ field. 

To set-up a separate SMS campaign or change an existing campaign so that your feedback requests, feedback reminder requests and/or ‘Not tried yet’ requests are sent via text rather than email, follow these steps: 

  • Log in to the Hub, go to ‘Campaigns’ on the left-hand menu and then click ‘Manage campaigns’ 
  • Click the ‘Create a new campaign’ button on the top-right hand of the screen, or to edit an existing campaign, find the campaign you want to change, click the drop-down menu on the right and select ‘edit’ 
  • Click the ‘Feedback preferences’ button and scroll down to ‘Feedback request’, ‘Feedback reminder request’ or ‘Not tried yet request’ 
  • Change the ‘Channel’ from email to SMS. You’ll then get some additional fields you can edit 
  • The ‘Customise SMS language’ allows you translate your SMS text into another language. Please be aware that only United Kingdom, Eire, United States or South Africa mobile phone numbers are currently supported at this time 
  • The SMS message field allows you to change what you want the SMS feedback request to say. The SMS preview will show you how the text will appear to customers 
  • Once you’re happy, click the ‘save trigger’ button at the top or bottom of the form 

A popular way of utilising the SMS functionality is by sending the initial feedback request via email, with the feedback reminder being sent via SMS. That way any customers that didn't respond to the initial feedback request email will get a reminder of the request through a different channel, which can in turn help encourage a higher response rate.


I don’t have Feefo SMS; how can I add it to my account? 

If you don’t have Feefo SMS as part of your Feefo package, click on ‘Additional features’ and then ‘Get in touch’ to request a call back. Alternatively, you can contact your Customer Success Manager or the support team directly.