What is Feedback Request Manager?

The Feedback Request Manager, previously referred to as the 'Campaign Manager Tool' (CMT), empowers you to manage multiple campaigns within the Feefo Hub. This feature enables the creation and delivery of distinct feedback requests at various touch-points along the customer journey.

Each campaign can incorporate multiple touchpoints corresponding to different stages in the customer journey. At each touchpoint, you have the flexibility to dispatch personalised and customisable feedback requests to your customers.

With Feedback Request Manager, you can leverage personalisation to enhance response rates, tailor content and timing to suit diverse customer segments, gather valuable feedback throughout the entire customer journey, and collect private reviews.

For a comprehensive guide on configuring your campaign preferences, please refer to our dedicated article.

How Feedback Request Manager Can Benefit Your Industry?

Here are some industry-specific examples:


  • Request feedback after a purchase.
  • Request feedback after an item return.
  • Request feedback after store collection.


  • Request feedback after a property valuation.
  • Request feedback after a property viewing.
  • Request feedback after a successful purchase or rental agreement completion.

Finance/Insurance Services

  • Request feedback after receiving a quote.
  • Request feedback after purchasing a service or policy.
  • Request feedback after filing a claim.
  • Request feedback after an interaction with customer services.


  • Request feedback after an inbound enquiry.
  • Request feedback after an interview.
  • Request feedback after securing a position.


  • Request feedback after booking.
  • Request feedback after arrival.
  • Request feedback after an excursion.


  • Request feedback after the purchase of a vehicle.
  • Request feedback after a test drive.
  • Request feedback after a service appointment at a dealership or garage.

Setting Up Multiple Campaigns

To set up more than one campaign, simply log in to the Feefo Hub, navigate to 'Campaigns' and select 'Manage Campaigns.' If the Feedback Request Manager feature is enabled on your account, you will find the 'Create New Campaign' button in the top right corner.

Adding Multiple Feedback Requests to a Campaign

For added flexibility, each campaign you create can include multiple triggers if you need to contact customers multiple times. For instance, when collecting feedback on a holiday experience, you can include post-booking, post-arrival, and post-holiday requests within one campaign, requesting service and/or product feedback at each stage.

To add extra requests to a campaign you've established, go to 'Campaigns' and select 'Manage Campaigns.' Then, choose 'Actions' and click 'Edit' on the campaign you wish to modify. You'll find the option to 'Add New Trigger' there.

Triggering Feedback Requests from a Non-Default Campaign

Any Feefo sales or product tag can be utilised to trigger a feedback request. We recommend using the sales tag 'campaign' to manage your campaign triggers. If no tag or trigger is included in your sales data, the default campaign will be automatically employed.