All our widgets are affected by several core settings that can be accessed by clicking on the ‘Settings’ tab at the top of the Widget Gallery page. 

Service and product rating timeframe 

Easily change the timeframe of the reviews that are displayed in your service and product review widgets. You can choose between reviews from the past year (recommended) or all your reviews by clicking the corresponding checkbox.  

Search engine optimisation

You can select whether the links from your widgets that direct to Feefo are NOFOLLOW by clicking the corresponding checkbox. 

Feedback widget style

You can choose whether to use Feefo branded styles or add your own customisation to a widget by activating or deactivating custom styling.

Service Rating – ‘Read all reviews’ button 

This setting only applies to Service Lightbox, On page Service Integration and Service Review widgets.  

Choose where users are sent after clicking the ‘Read all reviews’ button from any of your service review widgets. You can select between your Feefo Merchant Page or a customer URL by ticking the corresponding checkbox.