What is the Slide-Out Reviews Tab? 

The Slide-Out Reviews Tab is one of our most powerful integrations. The floating tab can be positioned anywhere along the left or right-hand side of your web page and will always remain fixed and in full view of visitors as they scroll. This means that every potential customer is given the added confidence of being able to see and refer to your Feefo service score the entire time they’re on your website. 

When closed, the tab will display your Feefo service rating. If the customer chooses to click on the tab, it expands to show all of your latest service reviews, as well as your photo and video reviews (if you have these enabled).  

How to install the Slide-Out Reviews Tab 

The Slide-Out Reviews Tab integration needs just two lines of code added to your HTML of the webpage you wish it to appear on. Both lines should be added to the HTML as far down the page as possible (in the footer is ideal). Their location does not define the position of the tab, that is fully controlled by you during the customisation phase. 

Example code: 

<script type="text/javascript" src="https://api.feefo.com/api/javascript/merchantidentifier" async></script> 

<div id="feefo-service-review-floating-widgetId"></div> 

Each line of code will be unique to your account and customisation choices. It will automatically generate within the ‘Slide-Out Reviews Tab’ section of the Hub once you’ve chosen all of your customisation options. 

Customising your Slide-Out Reviews Tab

Once the code has been added to your web page, the tab will automatically display using the default setup. However, there are several customisation options available through the Feefo Hub. 

To get started on customising your Slide-Out Reviews Tab, login to the Feefo Hub and head to ‘Marketing > Slide-Out Reviews Tab’. 

The preview window on the left-hand side will display a live image of how your Slide-Out Reviews Tab will appear based on the selections you make. 


Select the 'Colour' of your tab from the following options: 

  • Grey (default) 
  • Yellow 
  • White 

  1. Select the ‘Format’ of your tab from the following options: 

  • Small (default) – tab will only display the term ‘Feefo Reviews’ when closed 
  • Large – tab will display your service rating score when closed 

  1. Select the ‘Alignment’ of your tab from the following options: 

  • Left (default) 
  • Right 

  1. Use the percentage slider from 0 (top) to 100% (bottom) to determine the ‘Position from top’ of the browser window that your Slide-Out Reviews Tab will sit.

  1. Choose whether or not your tab displays on mobile by selecting from the following options: 

  • Use a different badge 
  • Hide on mobile 

  1. Tick or untick the ‘Show media panel’ option to choose whether to display your photo and video reviews within your Slide-Out Reviews Tab 


  1. Select the ‘Alignment’ of your tab from the following options: 

  • Bottom (default) 
  • Left  
  • Right 

  1. Use the percentage slider from 0 to 100% to determine the ‘Position’ on the mobile browser window that your Slide-Out Reviews Tab will sit 

Once you’re happy with the configuration, click on 'Save Settings'.  

Your unique codes will have generated in the ‘Feefo service reviews widget script’ text box. Copy and paste this directly into your website’s HTML using the instructions in the above ‘How to install the Slide-Out Reviews Tab’ section.