We’ve made it easier than ever to filter, preview and customise all of your Feefo widgets by storing them under one roof in our handy Widget Gallery.  

Accessing our Widgets Gallery couldn’t be simpler. Just login to the Feefo Hub and head over to ‘Marketing > Widget Gallery’ to get started. 

Filtering widgets 

To find the perfect widget for your business we’ve given you the ability to filter them by several factors including features, product and service ratings, and the effects they could potentially have on consumers (e.g. increasing trust or conversions).  

To filter widgets, simply select the tab that best reflects what you’re looking for from the list provided. You can combine two or more filter options to find widgets that match multiple factors by highlighting each option required.   

Choosing your widgets 

Now that you’ve narrowed down your list of widgets, it’s time to choose which is best for your business. There’s no right answer, as every business is different.  

We recommend trying out a combination of widgets to get the most from your Feefo reviews.  

To help you choose, each widget has a short description, list of keyword filter tags, a preview image that can be activated when you hover your cursor over the corresponding icon and a link to an installation guide.  

You can find and change the setting for any of the following widgets in our Widget Gallery: 

You will only have access to edit the widgets that are included within your Feefo package. Any widgets not included in your package will be clearly highlighted in purple.  

A screenshot of a cell phone 
Description automatically generated 

If you’d like to find out more about upgrading to any widgets that are currently outside of your existing package, simply select the widget and click ‘Get in touch’ when prompted.  


Each widget varies in how complex they are to integrate with your site. Make sure to check out the installation guides for more information and don’t hesitate to get in touch with your Customer Success Manager or a member of our support team for further help and advice. 

Generating a new Feefo badge 

If you’d like to create a new, updated static service or product reviews badge, scroll to the bottom of the widget list and click the ‘Generate New Badge’ button. 

  1. Choose your template and whether you want it to display your product reviews, service reviews or a combination of both by clicking on the preview image, selecting your desired badge and clicking ‘Select Template’. 

  1. Choose your 'Colour' by selecting from the following options: 

  • Grey 
  • Yellow 
  • White 

  1. Choose the size of the score badge. The options will differ depending on the template you’ve selected. 

  1. Choose what happens when a user clicks on your badge by selecting from the following options: 

  • Go to Feefo Merchant Page 
  • Go to custom URL 
  • Do nothing 
  1. Once you’re happy with the set-up, click ‘Generate Badge Code’.