The Feefo Hub contains everything you require to delve into your feedback and uncover the insight you need to take action. Not only can you access a huge range of reports, you can also schedule them to generate automatically.  

Using this feature means that you have complete control over your reports – you can determine what you report on, how often you run them, and exactly who they are sent to. 


There are a couple of ways to schedule a report:  

Option 1:  

Once you’re logged into the Hub, head to the ‘Reports’ tab, and access the report that you’d like to schedule.  

In the top right corner of the screen, you will see a button labelled ‘Actions’. From this dropdown menu, select ‘Schedule this report’:


The next screen shows the details of the report, some of which will be pre-filled. On this page, you can select how often you’d like to run your report (monthly, weekly, hourly, etc.), at what time of the day you’d like to schedule it, and who you’d like to send it to.  

The second part of the form is where you set your timeframe for the report (such as the last calendar week, month or year), the feedback type (Service or Product), and the output format (CSV). 

Option 2:  

Log into the Hub and hover your cursor over the ‘Reports’ tab on the left. This will bring up another menu.  

From this list, select ‘Schedule a Report’. This will take you the same form as above, but this time no fields will be pre-filled. All you need to do is fill in the form as above.