It’s a good idea to stay in the loop when it comes to your customer feedback. Feefo can send you a number of various alerts and notifications, so you’re always being kept up-to-date and informed about what reviews your customers are submitting.  

To set up these notifications, just click on your username in the top right corner of the Feefo Hub and select ‘Manage Profile’ from the dropdown menu.  

Email notifications for individual star ratings  

Turning this feature on means that users can choose to receive email notifications every time a review is submitted with a particular star rating. For example, you can get notified when you receive a low star rating so that you can quickly respond and get the issue resolved.  Alternatively, you may want to know as soon as you receive a five-star review so you can share it with your team.  

You don’t have to choose just one – simply select which star ratings you’d like to be notified about. 



Here’s how your notification will appear in your email inbox:  





Sales upload notifications  

You can also choose to receive notifications when sales uploads are processed. If you opt-in to these notifications, you will get an email to let you know whether your sales upload was successful, or if it failed. If your upload failed, you’ll be given the reasons why in this email too.  

If you are using the API or Java Script plugin, you will only get notifications if your sales uploads fail.  

Here’s how the notifications appear:  





Daily report 

You also have the option to receive a daily report which will give you a breakdown of the activity on your account from the day before, including: 

  • Service feedback rating and breakdown per star rating 
  • Product feedback rating and breakdown per star rating 
  • Overview of emails sent and feedback received 
  • Date of last successful upload 
  • Any product warnings received 
  • Oldest feedback awaiting response 


Here is how your daily report will appear:  


Scheduled reports 

Any reports that you run from the Feefo Hub can be set up as scheduled reports, so they are sent straight to your email inbox. Read more about scheduled reports here


Monitored reviews

You can arrange for reviews of a particular star rating to appear as a ‘Monitored Review’ on your dashboard, so you can prioritise responding to these reviews and keep an eye on the responses. This can be particularly helpful if you want to make sure that any low score reviews are followed up on, or your high score reviews are thanked, just as two examples. This will automatically be set to monitor any 1 & 2 star reviews. It’s also worth noting that this can only be done at account level rather than user level.

To change your Monitored Feedback settings, go to 'Settings' > 'Feedback Preferences' then scroll to the 'Monitored Feedback' section:

Once these are enabled, any reviews matching the criteria you've chosen will appear on your dashboard in the 'Monitored Reviews' section. 



Selecting the blue hyperlinked 'left to reply to' figure on the dashboard will take you to the Feedback pane with a view of your monitored reviews.


If you have any questions about setting up alerts and notifications, feel free to get in touch at