Feefo offers a seamless integration solution for eCommerce businesses and other third-party tools and platforms through easy-to-install apps and plugins. This article explains how these apps and plugins facilitate rapid integration with Feefo, enabling automatic data transfer and direct communication between Feefo and other platforms. By integrating Feefo with your existing processes, you can efficiently manage customer reviews and showcase them on your website.

Benefits of Using Feefo Apps and Plugins

The Feefo apps and plugins are designed to streamline the integration process and enhance your data management capabilities. Once installed, they enable automatic data exchange between Feefo and other platforms, allowing for real-time communication and data synchronisation. For instance, when a customer leaves a review, the data will be published on Feefo's website and simultaneously displayed on your eCommerce site through a widget.




Big Commerce

Customers emailed

New orders marked as status=open/closed/archived and has a fulfilment_status=shipped, when updated within the selected timeframe, usually 48h for the daily job. 

Orders which are cancelled will be excluded. 

Partially fulfilled orders will not be collected until they are completely fulfilled. 

Only Orders marked as "complete"

Only Orders marked as "complete"

Only Orders marked as "complete"

Multiple stores?

Separate Account required for each domain

Have multi-store but if multiple single stores - these require own account

Separate Account required for each domain

Separate Account required for each domain

Supported eCommerce Platforms

Feefo currently offers plugins for the following popular eCommerce platforms:

Shopify: Seamlessly integrate Feefo with your Shopify store to collect and display customer reviews effortlessly.

BigCommerce: Enhance your BigCommerce store by integrating Feefo to leverage the power of customer feedback.

WooCommerce: Integrate Feefo with your WooCommerce platform to streamline the review collection and display process.

Magento 2.x: Optimize your Magento 2.x store with Feefo integration to showcase authentic customer reviews.

Feefo Zapier App

In addition to eCommerce platform plugins, Feefo provides the Feefo Zapier App, which works in conjunction with Zapier—an online automation tool. With the Feefo Zapier App, you can easily automate the feedback request process between Feefo and various other tools and platforms. Zapier's versatility enables you to create custom workflows, ensuring a seamless feedback collection and distribution process.

Displaying Feefo Widget

Once the Feefo app or plugin is installed, your Feefo widget will be integrated into your website or eCommerce platform. The widget provides an attractive and compact display of customer reviews. When collapsed, it shows essential review details, encouraging visitors to explore further and read more reviews.


Integrating Feefo with your eCommerce platform using apps and plugins offers numerous benefits, such as automatic data synchronisation and real-time communication between Feefo and other tools. The supported plugins for popular eCommerce platforms simplify the process, while the Feefo Zapier App provides the flexibility to create custom workflows. By showcasing customer reviews through the Feefo widget, you can enhance customer trust and satisfaction, ultimately boosting your business's reputation and success. For any inquiries or assistance with integration, Feefo's support team is always available to help you optimise your feedback management process.