Sending data to Feefo automatically 


There are a few different ways to send relevant data Feefo automatically rather than manually through the Feefo Hub.  

These options all involve a bit of setup at the beginning but will save time in the longer term as there’s no requirement to remember to upload data periodically.   

Here are your options.   


Option 1, Upload to Feefo’s SFTP server    


You can upload a sales file file to our server, which will then be processed automatically. How you automate the upload is up to you, as long as the file is made available to us and is correctly formatted, we will process it.  

The file that you upload will need to be UFT-8 encoded. If you want to read more about this file format, take a look here  

Once your file is ready, use these server details to send it over (note that full credentials will be supplied during implementation):  


For SFTP transfers:   



Username: <your_merchant_identifier 

Password: <Assigned as part of the implementation process>  

Port: 2222 (non-standard port)  


If you’re not sure where to find your merchant identifier, find out here.  


Option 2, Setting up a fetch  


If given access to the location where your data file is stored, we can fetch the information daily, weekly or monthly. This will usually happen at around midnight (GMT) on every day that the upload is scheduled.   

We support the following:   

·       HTTP/ HTTPS  

·       FTP/ FTPS/ SFTP  

For security reasons, we recommend that you use the following IP addresses, and to use an HTTP authentication username and password:  





To get this set up, get in touch with our technical team with:  

·       The URL where the file is held  

·       The username and password, if you’ve set one up  

·       Confirmation of when you want the file to be fetched (daily, weekly or monthly)   


Option 3, JavaScript sale integration   


If you process transactions through an eCommerce website this solution is worth consideration.  

By adding aiFrame onto your site’s sale confirmation page, the information required to request a review can be sent straight to Feefo automatically. If you think this option could be best for your business, there are a few things to bear in mind:   

·       Only sales from the site registered in the Feefo Hub under ‘Settings > Brand Profile> Website Forwarding URL’ can be used. If you want to use multiple subdomains, let us know, and we will add these to your account  

  • You should add the iFrame under the code snippet  

Here’s an example of an iFrame 


<iframe id="FSI_IFrame"  

        style="display: none"  





        data-feefo-name="John Smith"  


        data-feefo-products='[{"description":"Test Description","productsearchcode":"546651","productlink":"","tags":{"saleschannel":"Web","productline":"games"}}]'>  




Here’s what each line of the iFrame means along with additional optional values:  

·       Src : The Feefo API URL for your Merchant Identifier  

·       data-feefo-email: Your business’s email address  

·       data-feefo-orderref: The order number    

·       data-feefo-name: The customer’s name  

·       data-feefo-customerref: The customer’s reference number   

·       data-feefo-feedbackdate: The date that the feedback request should be sent (dd/mm/yy 

·       data-feefo-date: The date of the sale   

·       data-feefo-products: The products included in the sale. This could include the description, the cost, a product code, and any tags that are used the identify the products  

Click here to see how to generate the iFrame. This one is written in PHP, but you can write this in whichever scripting language you use.   

Once your iFrame has been added, your sales information will automatically be sent to Feefo so long as it passes all the checks which validate it as a legitimate sale. If any of these checks fail, the sale is rejected and the feedback request won’t be sent.   

We’re unable to help with server-side scripts, but if you have any questions about Feefo’s iFrame, please do get in touch.   

  • Every page using the iFrame needs to have a specific code snippet added the bottom of the section, which will need to be added exactly like this, in this order:   


<!-- Post message handler --> 






<!-- Initialise the Post Message Handler --> 

<script type="text/javascript"> 

var FPMH = new Feefo.PostMessageHandler(); 



Without this the sale will not process to Feefo.