The Feefo Entersaleremotely API allows businesses to send their sales data to Feefo programmatically. This article provides a comprehensive list of all the Entersaleremotely API parameters, along with a brief description of each parameter and whether it is required or optional.

Understanding the Entersaleremotely API Parameters

When using the Entersaleremotely API, the URL is appended with various parameters to pass relevant information to Feefo. Some of these parameters are essential and must always be included, while others are optional and can be included based on specific use cases. Below is a table listing all the Entersaleremotely API parameters and their descriptions, as well as their requirement status:

Parameter name



merchantidentifierThe merchant’s unique Feefo identifier.Required
apikeyA randomly generated alpha numeric value used for authenticating a merchant’s Feefo account.Required
descriptionThe description of the item purchased.Required
productsearchcodeThe product identifier.Required
parentsearchcodeThe product's parent identifier.Optional
gtinThe product’s Global Trade Item Number (GTIN)Required (if assigned)
mpnThe product’s Manufacturer Part Number (MPN)Optional (not needed if gtin supplied)
emailThe customer's email address.Required
nameThe customer's name.Optional but recommended
orderrefThe merchant’s order reference number.Parameter is required, value is optional but recommended
dateThe date of the sale.Optional but recommended
tagsUsed for filtering data by sales or product attributes for further analysis.Optional
localeThe language of the emails that are sent to the customer.Optional
customerrefThe merchant’s customer reference number.Optional
feedbackdateA specific date on which the feedback for this order should be sent out.Optional
productlinkThe URL to the product page for the product.Optional
currencyCurrency for the amount.Optional
amountThe price paid for the item purchased.Optional
productattributesProduct qualities requiring targeted feedback through separate feedback form questions.Optional
product_imageProduct image which will appear alongside the product in review requests sent to consumers.Optional

Please note that the list above represents only a sample of the Entersaleremotely API parameters. The actual list of parameters may be more extensive and may vary based on specific integration requirements.

Using the Entersaleremotely API

To utilise the Entersaleremotely API effectively, businesses must ensure that all the required parameters are included in the URL. The API allows Feefo to receive and process the sales data accurately. However, for optional parameters, businesses have the flexibility to include them as needed to provide additional information or context.

Implementing the Entersaleremotely API

To implement the Entersaleremotely API successfully, businesses can use the appropriate scripting languages to construct the URL with the necessary parameters. Feefo provides sample code in various languages, making it easier for businesses to generate the correct URLs and pass the essential data to Feefo seamlessly.


The Entersaleremotely API provides businesses with a powerful tool to automate the process of sending sales data to Feefo for feedback collection. By understanding the various parameters and their requirements, businesses can ensure a smooth integration with Feefo's feedback system. If you have any questions or need further assistance with utilising the Entersaleremotely API, please don't hesitate to reach out to our technical support team.