Enhance your customers' experience by unlocking the power of Q&A on your website. Follow these simple steps to set up a Q&A Expert user and maximise the benefits of engaging with your audience.

Display Q&A Widgets

Empower your customers with valuable insights by displaying Q&A widgets on your site. Ensure a seamless experience with these steps:

Copy and paste the following script into your website:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Choose product categories and products for the Q&A feature to be deployed on.


Add the Q&A badge using the provided code:

<div id="feefo-aae-badge-widgetId" data-on-click="() =>scrollToQAForm()"></div>
    function scrollToQAForm() {
        const element = document.getElementById('feefo-question-form-widgetId');
        if (element) {
            element.scrollIntoView({ behavior: 'smooth' });
        } else {
            console.error('Element with id feefo-question-display-widgetId not found');

You can customise the on-click action (e.g., scroll down to the Q&A tab). The Q&A widget comes with standard Feefo tracking for comprehensive analytics.

Display the Questions

Effortlessly showcase and manage questions at both SKU and Parent SKU levels using these simple codes:

SKU level code: 

<div id="feefo-question-display-widgetId" data-product-sku="123321" > </div>

Parent SKU level code: 

<div id="feefo-question-display-widgetId" data-parent-product-sku="123321" > </div>

Display the Questions Form

Encourage customer interaction by displaying question forms. Implement the following codes based on SKU and Parent SKU levels:

SKU Level Question Form Code:

<div id="feefo-question-form-widgetId" data-product-sku="123321"></div>

Parent SKU Level Question Form Code:

<div id="feefo-question-form-widgetId" data-parent-product-sku="123321"></div>
Note, we require a list of websites and dev sites to whitelist the URLS for captcha to work.

Customer Experience Advice

Engage your audience, build trust, and boost your brand with the interactive power of Q&A. Elevate your online presence and turn visitors into loyal customers.

We suggest…

  • Adding a new tab on your site, dedicated to Q&A.
  • Utilise a tabbed div to seamlessly display Q&A widgets and forms together.
  • Adding the Q&A widget further down the product page where reviews sit.
  • Adding the Q&A badge beside the review stars badge.