The Feefo Question and Answer Widget is a powerful tool designed to facilitate seamless communication between customers and experts. This article serves as a comprehensive guide on how to utilise this widget to view and ask questions, empowering users to gain valuable insights and information.

Question Display

The question display screen offers users the ability to navigate through submitted Q&A content with ease. Key features include search functionality, sorting options, and question windows.

If you do not have a product catalogue imported then Product information, such as name and image, will not be embedded in the Q&A widget.

The Questions and Answers widget comes equipped with robust filters, enhancing the user experience:

Sort OptionDescription

Search question and Answer

Allows users to search for specific keywords within the Q&A database.

Most Recent First

Displays the newest items at the top, pushing older ones down.

Oldest First

Prioritises questions that have been around the longest, displaying them at the top.

Each question window presents a comprehensive overview with the following:


Asked by

The name of the customer who posed the question.

Date Asked

The date the question was submitted.

Answered by Expert

The name of the expert who provided the answer.
Date AnsweredThe date on which the question was addressed by the expert.

Question Form

The question form is where a customer can compose their question of 1000 characters, add their name and email before completing captcha to successfully submit their question. This is then received in in the Feefo Hub to await a response from an Expert. Additional information such as moderation guidelines, T&Cs and privacy policy can be provided.

Below outlines the required information to successfully submit a question:

MessageThe question the of the customer. This is must be greater than 5 characters but limited to 1000 characters.Required
ImageCustomers can upload 1 PNG image with their submission.Optional
NameThe customer's nameRequired
EmailThe customer's email addressRequired
CaptchaCAPTCHA is a security measure to separate humans from automated bots. It presents challenges that are easy for humans to solve but difficult for bots.Required

Note, we require a list of websites and dev sites to whitelist the URLS for captcha to work.


The Feefo Question and Answer Widget provides a user-friendly platform for engaging with experts and fellow customers. By mastering the art of navigating questions and utilising the question form effectively, users can maximise the benefits of this tool, facilitating a robust exchange of information and insights within the Feefo network.