Some businesses only collect reviews for internal use (e.g. to improve their service or inform their product offering), if this is the case your review will not be made public.

If the business is collecting reviews for public use, your Feefo review will be published on the business’s Feefo page and may also be published on their own website. To view a business’s Feefo page click here to use our handy search function. If you can't find the business you are looking for, they may be new to our services. You can instead find their Feefo reviews page by typing ‘the name of the business + Feefo + Reviews’ into Google. When writing your review, do not include any personal information and make sure that you would be happy for your comments to be shared in the public space. You will be given the option to leave your review anonymously; in this instance, only Feefo and the business you’re reviewing will be able to see who you are.

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