Whether you’re using your own product catalogue or Google’s Shopping Feed, connecting your product data to your Feefo account can do wonders for you and your customers.  

Connecting your product data to Feefo creates a content-rich description for each of your products (including images and product page links) that will appear both in your consumer-facing review request emails and within the Feefo Hub.  


Increased response rates 

Including product images in your feedback request emails makes them far more visually engaging and increases the chances of a customer responding and leaving you feedback. 

Upsell & cross-sell opportunities 

Including product page links for every product review gives you the opportunity to use your Feefo Merchant Page to drive traffic back to your site and increase sales. 

Dynamic reporting 

It’s not only your customers that will benefit. Syncing your product data with the Feefo Hub gives you more in-depth information to pull custom reports by filtering by product specific identifiers like ‘brands’ and ‘product types’.  


Find out more about how to manually connect your product catalogue to Feefo, here. Or, if you’re using Google Shopping Feed, here’s our three easy steps to syncing it with your Feefo account.