As an admin of your business's Feefo account, you have the authority to grant access to other members of your organisation and control the level of access they have. This article will guide you through the process of viewing existing users, adding new users, and changing their permissions to ensure a streamlined and secure account management experience.

To view your existing users and add new ones

  1. Login to the Hub 
  2. Head to ‘Settings
  3. Click ‘Users

This will bring up a list of the existing users, along with their full name, email address, department and role (whether they have full or limited access).  

Adding a new user

To add a new user, click the ‘+ Add new user’ button in the top right-hand corner. Fill in the user’s information (including name and email address) and choose whether you want them to have full or limited access. 

With Feefo you are able to create as many users on an account as required. Permissions are based per email address and can be set depending on what access a user requires. 

Full access will allow them to use every feature in the Hub, while limited access will allow you to tick or untick the following features: 

  • Upload data – Upload, manage and report on sales transactions 
  • View reports – Access all reports 
  • View feedback – Read-only access to the feedback received 
  • Reply to feedback – Write and publish responses to reviews 
  • Administer feedback – Manage reviews, create notes, tag feedback and flag reviews for moderation 
  • Share feedback – Share reviews across connected social media accounts

When adding a new user or editing an existing one, you can also choose their email preferences. For example, your customer service staff may only want to be notified via email when the business receives a one-star review so they can respond quickly, whilst your marketing team may only be interested in five-star feedback. Reports & Alerts can be also set up on a user basis.

Depending on what access a user has, will affect what displays they are presented in the navigation panel. For example, someone with view feedback permissions will not have access to the reporting tab on the account.

Editing Existing Users

If you need to make changes to an existing user's details or access level, click the 'edit' button next to their listing. You can also remove users from the account, except for other admin users. If you encounter any issues, don't hesitate to contact your dedicated account manager or the Feefo support team.

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With Feefo, admin users can efficiently manage user access, creating as many users as needed, and tailoring their permissions to specific features. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily add, edit, and control user access, ensuring a seamless experience for your team while effectively managing your Feefo account.