If you'd like to check if your site is eligible for organic stars or if you have implemented schema and would like to check if it is correct, you can run your site through Google’s Rich Result Test Tool - This is Google's new tool that took over in 2020 from the Structured Data Testing Tool (which is actually still functional). The Tool goes in line with the Search Console design and in fact offers similar functionality that could be tested (found) from your Search Console too. However the main aim of this new tool is to test if the page/code qualifies for any known rich snippets.


The tool offers you two options to test the URL or the Code.

Testing from URL

Open the tool, enter your URL, then press 'Test URL' to see your test results and any potential Warning and Errors that the tool may pick up:

From this view you can preview the SERP results or view rendered HTML. Selecting 'View rendered HTML' will open the code on the right-hand side. Selecting 'Preview results' will show your page as it will appear in the SERP.

You cannot change the code in this view. If you want to preview any changes that you want to make you need to copy the code and test it via the Code test method that we mentioned above.


Testing Code

Open the tool, select the 'Code' option, enter your code, then press 'Test Code' to see your test results.

You can manipulate the code on the left and preview it on the right-hand side. Once the change is made you need to run the code again to see the results. We recommend you testing the code with the Googlebot smartphone as Google announced mobile first indexing for the whole web on March 5th 2020.