The Knowledge Graph or Google My Business (GMB) card is a box displayed on the right-hand side of the search results page whenever you search online for a brand or a business. 


Your Feefo reviews are eligible to appear here, under "Reviews from the web", but first, please make sure the business details in your GMB account are a precise match for those in your Feefo Hub.


Step 1: 

Log into your account in the Feefo Hub, navigate toSettings, and selectBusiness Details. 


Here, you canadd or update your business or brand name, address, and phone number to appear exactly as it does in your GMB account. 


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These details must be correct to avoid any issues. For example, suppose you use an umbrella company name or a legal name with a related address in the Feefo Hub in main account, but your brand or branch has a different name or registered trading address. In this instance, your Feefo reviews are unlikely to pull through to the correct GMB page as Google picks up wrong details and can not make the association between Feefo and GMB accounts.  


If you have multiple branches or locations, you should set up a single account under your legal company name and create sub-accounts for each GMB location afterwards. You can then share location-specific customer feedback in the "Reviews from the web" section that is most relevant to its location.  



Easy Estate Agents, a Feefo client, has multiple branches in London, including Vauxhall, London Bridge and Sloane Square. So that the company can correctly feature Feefo reviews in the manner described above, it would have to create a primary account in Feefo Hub for Easy Estate Agents as a main legal entity and add information such as: 


• Legal or group name 

• Address 

• Phone number 


Next, the company would need to create sub-accounts in the Feefo Hub that match GMB locations for each branch they would like to display reviews for, including relevant branch details e.g. address and phone number. 


Grouping reviews and displaying them against individual branches is not possible as it is against Google guidelines. However, you can group all reviews and showcase them against your primary umbrella/group company name.Following this structure each branch gets their associated reviews displayed in the "Reviews from the web" section .


Once you've completed all of the above, the account structure in the Feefo Hub should look like this: 


Easy Estate Agents – main account (can be set to 'noindex' and will not appear in Search if requested) 


- Easy Vauxhall Estate Agents (subaccount) 

- Easy Sloane Square Estate Agents (subaccount) 

- Easy London Bridge Estate Agents (subaccount) 


Please note: This structure will also have to correctly match your GMB account locations and each branch's details. 


Finally, if your business does not have multiple locations, please make sure that all business details match those recorded in the Feefo Hub and those in your GMB accounts. Even a rogue space in your phone number or any other formatting or spelling issue would prevent your Feefo reviews from appearing in the Knowledge Graph. 



GMB account     +44 (0)20 7730 1234 

Feefo Hub         +44 (0) 20 7730 1234 

! There is an additional space between(0) and 20 in the Feefo Hub entry. 


Step 2: 

Add "sameAs" mark-up to your Organization schema. This is not a must but will help Google to make the association between your Feefo merchant page and your brand quicker. 


Implement the above steps correctly, and the 'Reviews from the web' section will appear automatically on the relevant GMB pages within a month. Adding "sameAs" will help Google to make the association between your brand and Feefo reviews faster and even can improve the rankings of your Feefo merchant page.


Your developer or a member of your SEO team can usually complete this step for you, but for ease, here are some links to help you with Organization schema and the "sameAs" attribute:



The "sameAs" attribute shows all the external pages that contain your brand information like Facebook group, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and other branded social accounts and allows you to group them making it easier for Google to make the association with your brand.   


Doing so can improve the rankings for these pages including your Feefo review page for your branded keywords and is overall good SEO practice. 




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