Ensuring that your Feefo merchant page ranks well is essential for maximising your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and the visibility of your reviews to potential customers. Here are some valuable tips to help push your Feefo page up the rankings. 

Although all tips offer significant benefits, they are ordered by importance.


The Meta title and Meta description of your reviews page must be right. Google reads these details first and presents them as part of your page's listing in the search results.

Ensure your Metadata is up to scratch by including your business name and ‘reviews’ in both the Meta title and description of your Feefo merchant page. Your Feefo merchant page can be found at www.feefo.com/reviews/merchant_identifier, where merchant_identifier is the value that is defined in the Feefo Hub.

All of the Feefo merchant pages include default Meta content that follows best practice but if you would like to edit your defaults, please contact our Technical Team for further assistance. 

The default Meta title is set to:

[Your Merchant Name] Reviews | [Your Merchant URL] reviews | Feefo

The default Meta description is set to: 

[Your Merchant Name] Reviews. Find out what genuine customers have said about [merchantUrlStripped]. Real reviews from real people.


    • [Your Merchant Name] is your Merchant Name as defined in the Feefo Hub. This can be configured in 'Settings > Business Details > Merchant Name'.
    • [Your Merchant URL] is your Merchant URL as defined in the Feefo Hub. This can be configured in 'Settings > Business Details > Merchant URL'.
    • [merchantURLStripped] is your Merchant URL without the www, for example, examplesupplier.com.

H1 Header

Google refers to the H1 heading tag on a web page to confirm the contextual relevance of the page. Again, Feefo's merchant pages follow best practice and so have an H1 header tag that cannot be edited of:

[Your Merchant Name] Reviews


    • As for the Metadata, [Your Merchant Name] is your Merchant Name as defined in the Feefo Hub.

Backlinks and SEO PR Campaigns

Include your merchant page into any PR campaigns to build backlinks to the page from other web resources as this will further improve the page authority and its potential to rank higher in the SERP


Add sameAs mark-up

You can also add your Feefo Merchant page to the “sameAs” mark up in your own Organisation mark-up. This way Google will associate your Feefo page with your brand and will show it more often in SERP for relevant searches.

Home Page Link

Link your Feefo Score Badge and other integration to your Feefo merchant page. Using the Score Badge on your homepage will show your customers you are collecting reviews and give prospective customers a quick snapshot of your star rating.

Adding the link from your homepage to your Feefo merchant page will strengthen the Feefo merchant page by showing that it is related to your website. See Expedia UK's implementation at www.expedia.co.uk.

Social Signals

Share your reviews on social media. Sharing reviews creates social proof and validation – think of these posts as customer ‘trust’ points.  Social media sharing can also facilitate great, authoritative backlinks to your merchant page. This will help create a strong backlink profile – another ranking factor for Google.

Your Blog

Refer to Feefo in your blog. We understand that you don’t want to compromise the tone of your content just to mention Feefo, however, any relevant place to add a link to your customer reviews in your blog will help strengthen your Feefo merchant page.

Guest Content

If you write for any external blogs or websites other than your own and mention your excellent customer service, products or feedback, you can add a link to your Feefo merchant page. Not only will this appeal to your audience, but search engines will see that other sites are talking about your reviews which will, in turn, help your rankings.

Press Releases / News

Include a link to your Feefo merchant page in press releases or news stories. When releasing any updates about your company you can refer back to your customer feedback or use reviews to back up any statements. News links can be particularly strong and will strengthen your Feefo merchant page's ranking.

Case Studies

Make a case study about your customer feedback. Whether you’ve used feedback to change or enhance your product or service offering, or turned a negative review into a positive experience thanks to your excellent customer service, create a case study to show potential and existing customers that you're serious about the feedback you get. Adding a link to your Feefo merchant page from any case study will strengthen your own reviews page.

Anchor Text

When linking to your Feefo merchant page we suggest using the anchor text ‘[Your Brand Name] Reviews’. This will add contextual relevance to your Feefo page.