The Feefo Hub is the control centre for everything. The intuitive and user-friendly dashboard gives you easy access to all the statistics you need on an everyday basis, and the handy features available from within the Hub mean you can really make the most out of their reviews. Manage sales data, create campaigns, view all feedback, respond to reviews and access automated reports - all from the Feefo Hub.

Connect with customers

Everything you need to reach out to your customers is in the Hub. Choose the best way to engage with customers, whether it be by email or SMS. Tailor everything to suit their customers and their journey by crafting the design and the content of feedback emails and forms.


Campaigns > Manage Campaigns 

Convert reviews into sales

The Marketing tab within the Hub is full of features designed to help generate trust and conversion from reviews.

  • Integrate Feefo feedback displays onto their website
  • Enable video and photo reviews to potentially increase conversion rates
  • Spread the word by connecting Feefo to social accounts and sharing reviews


Marketing > Widget Gallery

Optimise your business with valuable insight

The Feefo Hub isn’t just the place for improving your customers’ experience and boosting sales, it’s also the perfect tool to help improve your business.


  • Use the wide range of reports to spot trends and gain valuable insight
  • Respond to your feedback quickly and easily
  • Build faith in your brand by understanding the voice of your customer


Reports > Feedback Summary