Feefo is a customer review and feedback platform that helps businesses collect genuine reviews from their customers. By understanding the process of how Feefo works, both businesses and consumers can appreciate its role in maintaining transparency and accountability in the marketplace.

The Process

  1. Customer Interaction

    When a customer makes a purchase or utilizes a service provided by a business partnered with Feefo, they become eligible to leave feedback about their experience. This feedback mechanism serves as a crucial avenue for customers to express their opinions, concerns, and satisfaction levels.

  2. Invitation to Leave Feedback

    Following the completion of a transaction, Feefo sends an invitation to the customer, encouraging them to share their feedback. This invitation typically contains a link or prompt directing the customer to a review submission page.

  3. Review Submission

    Upon receiving the invitation, the customer has the opportunity to leave a review based on their experience with the business. They can provide detailed feedback, ratings, and comments regarding various aspects of their interaction, such as product quality, customer service, delivery speed, etc.

  4. Display of Feedback

    Once the customer submits their review, Feefo processes the feedback and makes it available for public viewing. Businesses often integrate Feefo's review widget or plugin onto their website, allowing customers to see authentic reviews directly on the company's platform. This transparency helps build trust and credibility with potential customers.

  5. Seller Rating Enhancement

    Feefo assigns gold stars or ratings based on the aggregated feedback received by the business. These seller ratings serve as a quick reference for potential customers, indicating the overall satisfaction level and reputation of the business. Additionally, businesses can utilize these ratings in their marketing campaigns to showcase their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.


Understanding the operational framework of Feefo sheds light on its significance in facilitating transparent communication between businesses and customers. By providing a platform for genuine feedback, Feefo empowers consumers to make informed decisions while enabling businesses to enhance their products and services based on valuable insights. Ultimately, Feefo plays a pivotal role in fostering trust, accountability, and excellence in the marketplace.