This article will walk you through the quick and easy process of connecting your Google Shopping Feed with your Feefo account. By linking these two platforms, you can enhance your customer experience with engaging product images and detailed product information.

Why Connect Your Google Shopping Feed?

Connecting the Google Shopping Feed means that product reviews are sent to Google and can be shown in Google Product Ads e.g. “Shopping” Section of Google. This offers several benefits:

Engaging Experience: Enable product images in your feedback request emails, feedback forms, and Feefo pages to create a more visually appealing experience for your customers.

Direct Access to Product Pages: Display full product descriptions and product page URLs on your merchant reviews page, allowing customers to click directly to the relevant product pages.

Stars:  Connecting and correctly matching products will add stars in next to your products in Google Shopping.

How to Connect Your Google Shopping Feed

Connecting the Google Shopping Feed is a very simple 3 step authentication process that can be accessed via the ‘Product’ menu within the Feefo Hub:

  1. To begin connecting your Shopping feed click ‘Get Started
  2. Enter your Google Merchant ID and click ‘Next
  3. Confirm and accept by clicking ‘Connect my Google Shopping account

The Google Shopping Feed connection supersedes other product data held by Feefo

Automated Data Fetching

Once connected, Feefo will automatically fetch your Google Shopping Feed data. By default, data fetching occurs daily, but you can adjust the frequency in the settings tab to suit your preferences. Once the first fetch is complete, check the percentage ‘Match Rate’ listed in the summary tab.

Product Matching

Feefo will automatically link your Feefo product search code to the SKU listed in your Google Shopping Feed. After the initial fetch, check the 'Match Rate' listed in your summary tab. If the match rate is low, ensure that Feefo is matching to the correct field within your Google Shopping Feed. You can modify this setting in the 'Product SKU mapping' settings.

  • For Products and reviews to match in the Google shopping feed, a common identifier needs to be found
  • You may need to use a Product Catalogue to add additional matching information to your already uploaded product data (e.g. if you do not send us GTIN information in the sales upload, you can use a product catalogue to add this information, making the match easier)
  • The match rate is based off the products within the Google Shopping Feed and how many of these products are found within the clients sales feed.


Connecting your Google Shopping Feed with Feefo is a simple and effective way to enhance your customer experience. By following the three easy steps outlined in this guide, you can seamlessly integrate the two platforms and provide your customers with engaging product content and direct access to relevant product pages.