As an online business, one of your primary goals is to increase your visibility and attract potential customers. An effective way to achieve this is by optimising your Feefo merchant page for better search engine rankings. In this article, we will explore valuable tips to push your Feefo page higher in search engine results, maximising your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) efforts.

A well-ranked Feefo merchant page can significantly impact your business's online visibility and reputation. Higher search engine rankings will attract more potential customers and boost your credibility. Below, we provide essential tips to enhance your Feefo page's ranking and improve your overall SEO strategy.


Metadata, including the Meta title and Meta description of your reviews page, plays a crucial role in search engine rankings. Google reads this information first and presents it as part of your page's listing in the search results. To optimise your Metadata for better rankings, include your business name and 'reviews' in both the Meta title and description of your Feefo merchant page. Your Feefo merchant page can be found at, where merchant_identifier is the value that is defined in the Feefo Hub.

The default Meta title is set to:

[Your Merchant Name] Reviews | [Your Merchant URL] reviews | Feefo

The default Meta description is set to: 

[Your Merchant Name] Reviews. Find out what genuine customers have said about [merchantUrlStripped]. Real reviews from real people.


[Your Merchant Name] is your Merchant Name as defined in the Feefo Hub. This can be configured in 'Settings > Business Details > Merchant Name'.

[Your Merchant URL] is your Merchant URL as defined in the Feefo Hub. This can be configured in 'Settings > Business Details > Merchant URL'.

[merchantURLStripped] is your Merchant URL without the www, for example,

H1 Header

Google considers the H1 heading tag on a web page to confirm its contextual relevance. Feefo's merchant pages follow best practices, and their H1 header tag, displaying your Merchant Name followed by 'Reviews,' cannot be edited.

[Your Merchant Name] Reviews


As for the Metadata, [Your Merchant Name] is your Merchant Name as defined in the Feefo Hub.

Include your Feefo merchant page in PR campaigns to build valuable backlinks from other web resources. Backlinks from authoritative sources improve your page's authority and potential to rank higher in search engine results.


Add sameAs Mark-up

You can further associate your Feefo Merchant page with your brand by adding it to the "sameAs" mark-up in your organisation's mark-up. This will increase Google's recognition of your Feefo page, leading to higher visibility in relevant searches.

Link your Feefo Score Badge and other integrations to your Feefo merchant page. Placing the Score Badge on your homepage provides customers with a quick snapshot of your star rating, showcasing that you collect reviews and reinforcing your page's connection to your website.

 See Expedia UK's implementation at

Social Signals

Share your reviews on social media to create social proof and validation. Social media sharing can also generate authoritative backlinks to your merchant page, further strengthening your backlink profile, a crucial factor for higher rankings.

Your Blog

Incorporate Feefo references in your blog to highlight your customer reviews. While maintaining the content's tone, adding links to your customer reviews strengthens your Feefo merchant page.

Guest Content

If you contribute to external blogs or websites, mentioning your customer service, products, or feedback allows you to include a link to your Feefo merchant page. This not only appeals to your audience but also signals search engines that other sites are discussing your reviews, enhancing your rankings.

Press Releases / News

Include a link to your Feefo merchant page in press releases or news stories to reinforce your customer feedback. News links carry significant weight, boosting your Feefo page's ranking.

Case Studies

Create case studies based on your customer feedback experiences. Whether using feedback to improve your products or services or turning negative reviews into positive experiences, case studies showcase your dedication to feedback. Adding a link to your Feefo merchant page strengthens your reviews page.

Anchor Text

When linking to your Feefo merchant page, use anchor text like '[Your Brand Name] Reviews' to add contextual relevance and reinforce your page's value.


By implementing these valuable tips, you can significantly improve your Feefo merchant page's search engine ranking. Higher rankings will attract more potential customers and enhance your overall online presence. Remember to use the correct mark-up, create engaging content, and build authoritative backlinks to maximise your SEO efforts and reap the benefits of organic growth. For additional guidance or support, don't hesitate to consult Feefo's expert support team.