The Feefo Magento2 plugin allows you to create a Feefo account and connect it to your Magento2 instance. However, it is not primarily designed to connect to pre-existing Feefo accounts or to development/staging domains.


Why Manual Integration?

All the Feefo Magento2 plugin does is:


Apply a review code snippet to your main theme.

Apply a Feefo product reviews code snippet to your product theme.

Create an access token to connect a data source to pull all sale information marked as complete and updated within the last day into Feefo to create review requests.

This access token has full permissions and does not expire. Both methods can be installed manually on development and live domains, providing an integration that is not reliant on the plugin and not affected by an outdated version.

Service Review Integration

This is the main API call for all integrations and holds the Slide-out Reviews Tab. This script needs to be placed on your main theme page, typically towards the bottom before the closing </body> tag. Replace MERCHANTID with your Feefo Hub account Merchant Identifier.

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<div id="feefo-service-review-floating-widgetId"></div>

Product Review Integration

Star Rating

Place this star rating on your main product theme page, typically near the price or add-to-cart sections.

<div class="feefo-review-badge-wrapper-product"></div>

Product Review Content

Place this code within a tab, collapsible, or near the bottom of the page to display on-page product reviews. Replace {{ }} with your dynamic variable for Group/Parent Product ID.

<div id="feefo-product-review-widgetId" class="feefo-review-widget-product" data-parent-product-sku="{{ }}"></div>

Generating Feedback Requests

To generate feedback request emails by connecting your Magento instance to Feefo to upload sale information, you need an Access Token. Here’s how to create it:


Steps to Create an Access Token

  1. In Magento, using the navigation bar on the left, select System > Extensions > Integrations.
  2. Choose Add New Integration.
  3. Enter Integration Info:
    1. Name: Feefo
    2. Password: Use the password you use to log into Magento.
    3. No other fields are required by default.
  4. Under the API tab, change the dropdown for Resource Access to Custom and manually select all tick-boxes (choosing ALL will no longer work).
  5. Save the integration.
  6. Activate and Allow if authorisation is required.
  7. Copy the Access Token and send it to Feefo in plain text.

Token Expiration Settings

Ensure your Access Tokens do not expire after 4 hours:


  1. Go to Stores.
  2. Click Configuration.
  3. Then go to Services.
  4. Select Oauth. 
  5. Choose Access Token Expiration.
  6. Amend the expiration to 0 (zero) to remove it altogether.

For Magento 2.4.4 or later, ensure the setting Allow OAuth Access Tokens to be used as standalone Bearer tokens is enabled 

  1. Go to Stores.
  2. Click Configuration.
  3. Then go to Services.
  4. Select Oauth. 
  5. Choose Consumer Settings.
  6. Amend the expiration to 0 (zero) to remove it altogether.


Uninstalling the Feefo Magento2 Plugin

If uninstalling the plugin, note the following:


Database Entries: Entries in the core_config_data table may not be removed during a hard uninstall.

Composer Packages: Run bin/magento module:uninstall after reinstalling the module via composer to clean up leftover references.

Remove User Elements: You may need to run DELETE FROM 'admin_user' WHERE 'username' = 'feefo'; in your database to remove Feefo-related user elements.