This article documents the Product Rating API and its parameters.

The Product Ratings API returns a list of all of the merchant's products with their average ratings calculated over a defined period, the default being the last five years' worth of data.

For example:


  • version is the version of the API associated with the URL. The current version number for Reviews API can be found in API Versions. Unless otherwise noted in the parameter/value descriptions, all parameters and values documented are supported in this version.
  • merchant_identifier is the merchant’s unique Feefo identifier, which in this example is example-retail-merchant. Your merchantidentifier can be found in the Feefo Hub.

This example returns data similar to the following format:

{"products": [
{"rating":3.5,"vendor_ref":"SKU187098864792156"},   {"rating":4.2,"vendor_ref":"SKU1870981878808479"}, {"rating":4.5,"vendor_ref":"ERPKIPEAPTG6M9H9Y1WZ"} ]

Optional parameters are:

  • review_count

    review_count determines if the data returned includes the number of reviews over which the average is calculated. Default = false. If set to true, review_count is included with the product rating data.

  • since_period

    since_period defines the period over which the average rating is calculated. Default = year.
    Values are:

    • 24_hours
    • week
    • month
    • year
    • all
  • parent_product_sku

    parent_product_sku returns only products with the corresponding parent_product_sku.

  • product_sku

    product_sku is a filter for product reviews assigned to the specified product search code. More than one product_sku can be provided in one request with each product_sku separated by a comma. The value of the product_sku is case insensitive and supports the use of an asterisk (*) as a wildcard character at the beginning and/or end of the supplied parameter to support partial matching for related/variant products.

  • page_size

    page_size defines the number of reviews to return per page, the default is 20 and the maximum value is 100.

  • page

    page defines the page number to return reviews for, the default is 1.

For example:

This returns data similar to:

{"products": [
{"rating":3.0,"sku":"SKU187098864792156","review_count":1},      {"rating":4.1,"sku":"SKU1870981878808479","review_count":5},        {"rating":4.8,"sku":"ERPKIPEAPTG6M9H9Y1WZ","review_count":7} ]