Sharing your reviews on social media  


Feefo offers a couple of different methods for sharing your reviews across social media.

Share individual reviews on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest  

You can quickly and easily connect Feefo to your social media accounts by heading to ‘Marketing > Social Networks’ in the Hub.  

  • First, upload a ‘Brand Photo’. If there’s no product photo to choose from, this will be used instead. 
  • Your step-by-step instructions to get your accounts connected will be in the same tab. 
  • Once you’re connected, you can start sharing your reviews straight from the Feedback window by clicking the ‘Share Review’ button at the top of the review.  
  • Customise the post by deciding how much of the review you’d like to share, selecting an image, and writing something to accompany the review.  
  • Preview your post, select which accounts you’d like to share it to, and click ‘Post Now’.  

Integrate your Feefo reviews using the Facebook widget  

If your business has more than 2,000 likes on Facebook, you can integrate your Feefo reviews rather than share them individually using the Facebook widget.  

The app can feed all your reviews directly onto your page, so your customers can read them all from Facebook.  

To use the Facebook widget, you need to:  

  • Have an active Facebook account with 2000 likes  
  • Be the admin user of the Facebook page  

Here’s how to get the app up and running.  

  1. Log into Facebook using a personal account, and add the following URL into the browser: 

Select the ‘Click to add to page’ button.  

  1. Choose the Facebook page that you’d like the Feefo feed to be added to. 

  1. Click ‘Add page tab’. This will add the Feefo tab to the chosen Facebook page and redisplay the personal Facebook page again.  

  1. Check the app has been installed by selecting the dropdown in the top right corner of the Facebook window and select the page you want to integrate Feefo with on the ‘Your pages’ section. 

  1. Once on the correct page, look for the Feefo Facebook Widget.  

  1. Click the widget to fill in the information:  

Merchant identifier or login: The Feefo-supplied merchant or identified (e.g. example-retail-merchant) or V1 logon (e.g. 

V2 tags: The list of sales tags that define the type of data that will be shared. You can only use values that have been assigned to your sales data already, so for example the type of sale (saleschannel=web, saleschannel=phone), or the country (country=uk, country=Germany). 

No. of reviews to display: How many customer reviews will be displayed. The default is 25 but this can be edited by typing a number directly into the text box.  

  1. Click on ‘Add Feefo Reviews’, and you’re all set up. You can customise how the reviews are displayed from the Feefo Hub in ‘Marketing> Facebook Widget’.  

If you have any issues with the Feefo Facebook Widget, contact Facebook support by heading to