To find the Brand Profile section

  1. Go to 'Settings
  2. Click 'Brand profile'

This empowers you to elevate your brand's presence by customising the public-facing elements of your Feefo account. This includes adding your branding and company images, which will be prominently displayed on your feedback requests and Feefo merchant page. Additionally, you have the opportunity to create a compelling business description that succinctly summarizes your offerings for potential customers. This description helps establish a strong brand identity. Furthermore, you can seamlessly integrate your social media profiles with your Feefo reviews page, enabling click-through icons for enhanced engagement.

Merchant Display Name

You can specify a different display name for your brand which will appear on your feefo review page and within your feedback emails.

Merchant Short Description - Optional

This will appear underneath your merchant display name on your feefo review page. 

This should be no longer than 128 characters in length.

Merchant Description

This will appear in the 'About you' section of your feefo review page. 

We suggest keeping the description under 550 characters in length.

Show on Merchant list

Enabling this setting will include your company in the feefo website merchant listings.

Merchant Logo Image

Your merchant logo image plays a vital role in enhancing your brand visibility and recognition. By uploading your logo, it will be prominently displayed on multiple important elements, including your reviews page, feedback request emails, and the feedback form. This allows you to create a consistent and professional brand presence throughout the customer feedback process.

The recommended size is 200 x 132px and the file format should be JPG/JPEG and cannot support transparency.

Merchant Page Header Image

The header enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the merchant page, making it look more professional and visually appealing, which in turn can positively impact customer perception and engagement.

The image size MUST be exactly 1024 x 475px and cannot support transparency. It will be blurred once uploaded.

Merchant Brand Photos

You have the opportunity to enhance the personalization of your merchant page by adding up to three images. These images serve as a visual representation of your brand, enabling you to showcase your products and services effectively. While these images are optional, they play a crucial role in the "About" section, located at the bottom of your merchant page.

By incorporating images, you can create a visually engaging experience for your customers. These images provide a glimpse into your offerings, helping potential customers connect with your brand on a deeper level. Whether it's showcasing your products, highlighting your services, or conveying the unique aspects of your business, these images add a compelling touch to your merchant page.

They must be 392 x 220px to display correctly, and the file format should be JPG/JPEG.

Email header image

This image serves as a backdrop behind your logo, adding an extra layer of personalisation to your communication. Similar to the merchant page header image, the uploaded header image will undergo a darkened and blurred effect to ensure a cohesive and professional appearance. Make your communications more engaging and memorable with a customized header image that reflects your brand identity and captivates your customers.

The image must be 600 x 300px to display correctly, and the file format should be JPG/JPEG.

Any opportunity you have to link back to your Feefo Merchant Page will strengthen the domain authority with Google and other search engines.  Backlinks can be established by adding a link to your Merchant Page URL in the following places: 

  • Website forwarding URL - The website URL to display on your Feefo Merchant page. This domain is what displays publicly and what all review content collected by Google displays against.
  • Customer care URL - Your customers will be referred to this page when they wish to raise a query outside of Feefo. Where this is not specified we will quote your main website address. 
  • Product forwarding URL - The default URL for product links from the Feefo Merchant page. Alternatively you can provide product specific links in your sales upload or product catelogue.

Social Media Profiles - Optional

To add links to your social media profiles to appear on your review page, you can enter your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram account names. These links will appear as small buttons at the bottom of your reviews page in the ‘About’ box.

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