The Brand Profile section of the Feefo Hub allows you to put your branding onto your Feefo account.

You can upload logos and banners which appear on your feedback requests as well as your dedicated Feefo vendor page. You can also add a business description which should summarise your business for any potential customers. 

Social media profiles can also be linked up to your Feefo reviews page which allow click-through icons to appear.

For more information, please see our video below

To access this area of the Hub, login and head to ‘Settings’ > ‘Brand profile’.

Enter your business name and descriptions 

Your merchant display name should be the name of your brand, as it will appear on your merchant reviews page and your feedback emails. The short description, which is optional, will only appear on your reviews page at the top directly underneath your display name. It should sum up your company in one line, as you’re limited to 128 characters. 

The merchant description gives you more space to talk about your business and appears in an ‘About’ box at the bottom on your reviews page. Here, you are limited to 550 characters. 

Upload your logo 

Your merchant logo image will appear on your reviews page, feedback request emails and the feedback form. The recommended size is 200 x 132px.  

Upload merchant page header image 

The merchant header image appears at the top of your reviews page as a banner and as a background to the ‘About’ box at the bottom on the page. This image will be darkened and blurred by default and the recommended size is 1024 x 475px. 

Add merchant brand photos 

You can add up to three images to your reviews page to further personalise it and show off your products and services. These images are optional and will appear in the ‘About’ box at the bottom of the page. They must be 392 x 220px to display correctly. 

Email header image 

This header image will appear on feedback request images. Much like the merchant page header image, this will be darkened and blurred once uploaded. The image must be 600 x 300px. 

Link to your social feeds 

If you want the links to your social feeds to appear on your review page, you can enter your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram account names. These will appear as small social button at the bottom of your reviews page in the ‘About’ box.