Feefo integrates with multiple eCommerce platforms directly, these are currently Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce.

If you are swapping eCommerce platform to one of the platforms Feefo integrate with directly, and want to make sure you continue to feed order information into Feefo along with displaying Feefo review content on your website, there are some factors you may need to keep in mind.

Uploading orders to Feefo

Swapping platform can involve a lot of moving parts. If your order upload procedure is not reliant on your eCommerce platform, you will likely continue to generate Feefo feedback request emails but can always confirm this directly through the Feefo hub, https://hub.feefo.com/sales/upload-history.

If you need, or want to upload order information directly to Feefo through your new eCommerce platform, you can do this by setting up a data source to connect to your platform. The method to do this is dependant on platform, but typically hinges on your eCommerce platform being accessible using a domain and access token providing Feefo access to your order and product API.

Feefo will collect all recently updated orders which are marked as complete(d), uploading them as pending feedback request emails. (For Shopify, we collect all recently updated orders).

This can be set up within the Feefo Hub, https://hub.feefo.com/sales/data-sources, but our Feefo experts are always willing to help you at support@feefo.com. 

Displaying Feefo review content

Your Feefo review content is hosted on Feefo, ready to be displayed on your new eCommerce platform. What you may find is your Feefo review content has the product identifiers attributed by your old platform, meaning the review content will not display on the same, newly identified products on your new eCommerce platform, as they will more than likely have new identifiers.

We can work with you to re-assign your old Feefo review content to your new eCommerce platforms product identifiers by providing a list of reviews which need updating. Our Feefo experts are willing to help you at support@feefo.com. 

There's a plugin for that!

If you're moving to Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, or BigCommerce, we have a plugin available for you to install and connect to your pre-existing Feefo account automatically. This will create a data source on Feefo to upload your orders directly without manual intervention.

Find our Feefo plugin on your eCommerce marketplace!