The Feefo Hub now enables you to configure and distribute Surveys via email, allowing merchants to attribute answers to individual customers easily and quickly. 

To activate this functionality, merchants should follow these simple steps: 

• Upload a valid contact list in CSV format.

• Include verified email addresses and any other relevant data.

• Customise the email template – as much or as little as you like.

• Set up an optional reminder email.

• Set a schedule for emails to be sent or publish them instantly.

Once you’re up and running, recipients may need some time to complete a survey. Responses are logged in the Feefo Hub for you to review.


Get Started

Navigate to Surveys, choose an existing survey (or create a new one) and select the Email tab to upload your CSV file.

After clicking on the Upload Contact List button, please follow the instructions in the on-screen pop up: 


CSV Upload

Either drag and drop your CSV file into the box as directed or use the Browse button to upload your file manually.

The Email Address column is the only mandatory field required to distribute surveys. You can also include additional recipient information in up to six customisable columns.

This option will be displayed during the email configuration process and will allow you to create personalised emails containing corresponding customer data e.g. name, company, brand or product title, depending on your preferred feedback topic.
Please make sure all your headers are in lower case.


emaildynamic variable 1dynamic variable 2dynamic variable 3


emailfirst namelocationevent

• File upload failed: The spreadsheet was not successfully uploaded. Please check the CSV file for errors or cancel and try again.

• File upload successful: The spreadsheet was successfully uploaded. You can now schedule your outbound emails or hit close and return to the task later.

• File upload partially failed: A portion of the spreadsheet was successfully uploaded. Emails can only be sent to contacts that have been successfully uploaded. To resolve this, you can select "Try again with another file" which will delete everything uploaded so far - and start over with a clean slate. Or, you can go ahead and create your email, which will ignore the failed rows and process only the valid ones.

Configure email

After uploading your contact list, it’s time to start configuring your email template. 

Begin configuring your initial email template using the following fields: 

• From (you can add a custom name) 

• Subject line 

• Email body 

Also included is the opportunity to send a reminder email. Please note that this is an optional step.


Email Dynamic Variables

Email Dynamic Variables are an optional customisation that is available in the email body. If you have included at least one custom dynamic variable in the upload file, this option will appear in the Email Tags section. Currently, it supports up to 6 email tags per template. 

A dynamic variable can be added to the email body by clicking a tag icon and inserting it into the body, wherever the cursor is located. 

Tags can be as follows:

• Name

• Company

• Product title (see example below)

• Or any other value added in the CSV file as a custom tag column


You can also customise button text, button text colour and button colour by entering a Hex colour code inside 'Customise button option' section.



Once you’ve successfully configured your email template, you can now move on to scheduling both initial and reminder emails. 

• Initial email: This can be sent ASAP or scheduled for a specific time and date. 

• Reminder email: Schedule a reminder email from a day after the initial email is sent. 

The Feefo Hub will automatically begin sending emails after the time (and on the date) you choose and may take a couple of hours, depending on the volume of emails to be sent. 

Once emails are sent, you can track recipient responses in one of two ways:

  1. View data in your file by examining the table contents on the email tab
  2. Download the report for each file and track individual responses