Feefo offers an entire reporting suite, containing plenty of tools which are designed to help you get the most out of your feedback. All of these reports can be found in the ‘Reports’ tab of the Feefo Hub.  

To take reporting to the next level, you can add Performance Profiling to your reporting suite, giving you extra features for deeper insight.  

Feefo's Performance Profiling automatically analyses your reviews, identifies the sentiment, and gives you an at-a-glance view of the key issues affecting your customers.  


What is sentiment analysis? 

Performance Profiling uses sentiment analysis to analyse your reviews and understand the trends in your feedback. This may sound complicated, but it simply means that the tool is able to pull out the words that your consumers are using to determine if what they are saying is positive or negative.  


Performance Profiling allows you to:  

Get inside the mind of your customers  

The tool’s AI technology automatically analyses the content of your customer feedback, helping to paint a more detailed picture of what matters to them.  

Make smarter business decisions 

By tapping into the real opinions of your customers, you can get better insight to guide your strategy and make smarter, more effective business decisions.  

Save your business hours  

Instant insights mean you can get immediate visibility of the issues that are affecting your Feefo rating, so you can prioritize the changes you need to make before it’s too late.  

Performance Profiling is full of tools which can help you to unlock key data and insight from your customer feedback, and each Service or Product Performance report includes:  

Sentiment score  

Sentiment score allows you to accurately measure customer opinion. Your score reflects the positive and negative emotion which is contained inside your reviews, and then ranks your performance on a scale from 100 (very positive) to -100 (very negative).  

Performance graph  

The performance graph groups feedback topics into one of four quadrants – advertise, focus, monitor and potential – so you can easily identify issues within your business and take the right action. 

Automatic sentiment trend analysis  

The sentiment trend chart allows you to see how your sentiment score changes over time as you collect more feedback.  

Review snippets 

Discover the common keywords and themes that are used in your feedback, so you can improve your product page performance and create more effective PPC ads.  

To find out more about adding Performance Profiling to your Feefo reporting suite, get in touch with a member of our team.