Feefo offers a comprehensive reporting suite equipped with a wide array of tools designed to help you maximise the potential of your customer feedback. All these valuable reports can be accessed conveniently in the 'Reports' tab of the Feefo Hub.

For even deeper insights, consider adding Customer Sentiment to your reporting suite. With Feefo's Customer Sentiment Analysis, you gain access to additional features that automatically analyse your reviews, identify sentiment, and provide you with an easy-to-understand overview of the key issues impacting your customers.

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What is Sentiment Analysis?

Sentiment analysis is a fundamental aspect of Customer Sentiment, enabling the tool to scrutinise your reviews and understand the underlying trends in your feedback. This analysis allows the tool to discern whether the sentiments expressed by your consumers are positive or negative by identifying relevant keywords and language patterns.

Benefits of Customer Sentiment Analysis

Get Inside the Mind of Your Customers

Leveraging AI technology, Customer Sentiment Analysis delves into the content of your customer feedback, painting a more detailed picture of what truly matters to your customers.

Make Smarter Business Decisions

By tapping into the authentic opinions of your customers, you gain better insight to guide your business strategy and make more effective decisions.

Save Your Business Hours

Instant insights provided by Customer Sentiment Analysis offer immediate visibility into the factors influencing your Feefo rating, allowing you to prioritise necessary improvements promptly.

Customer Sentiment Analysis Features:

Sentiment score  

The sentiment score accurately measures customer opinion. It reflects the positive and negative emotions expressed in your reviews, and ranks your performance on a scale from 100 (very positive) to -100 (very negative).

The calculation is an average of all relevant sentiment scores. For instance, the overall average sentiment score for service reviews is computed by averaging the review-level sentiment scores. Similarly, the average sentiment score for a specific topic is derived by averaging the topic-level sentiment scores for all mentions of that topic.


Performance graph  

The performance graph groups feedback topics into one of four quadrants – advertise, focus, monitor and potential – so you can easily identify issues within your business and take the right action.

Automatic sentiment trend analysis

The sentiment trend chart displays how your sentiment score evolves over time as you collect more feedback, providing valuable insights into your performance trends.

Review snippets

Discover the common keywords and themes that are used in your feedback, so you can improve your product page performance and create more effective PPC ads.  



To learn more about adding Customer Sentiment Analysis to your Feefo reporting suite, reach out to a member of our team. Enhance your understanding of customer sentiment and drive informed decisions to optimise your business's performance with Feefo's Customer Sentiment Analysis.