In this article we will explore the flexibility and freedom provided by our API to seamlessly integrate Feefo reviews with your website. With our fully customisable integration option, you can display Feefo feedback in a way that matches the look and feel of your brand. We will cover how to download feedback data via the API, the API endpoints Feefo offers, and the format in which API review data is returned. We'll also discuss how you can showcase your reviews on your website, creating engaging content to keep customers on your site for longer.

Using Feefo’s Reviews API requires your server to retrieve feedback data from our servers using JavaScript Object Notation (JSON), process that data and then have your trusty team of developers customise it where needed, ready for displaying across your site.

Here’s how to do it. 

Downloading Feedback Data via the API

To retrieve feedback data from Feefo servers using the Feefo Reviews API, you can use a secure URL that depends on the parameters you include. Here's an example URL structure: ...

By manually changing specific sections of the URL, you can select the version of our API and other parameters to get the desired data.


Brief description


You can select which version of our API you want the URL to use by selecting either our ‘Reviews’, ‘Reviews Summary’ or ‘Product Rating’ APIs.  For a full list of current “versions” of our API, click here. 

There’ll be plenty more on what each of these mean later on.


This is where you’ll need to put your unique merchant identifier given to you when you first set up your account, which in this example is ‘example-retail-merchant’. 

p1=v1, p2=v2 and p3=v3The parameter/value pairs used to configure the content of the returned JSON data.

Feefo API Endpoints

Feefo offers three API endpoints to choose from, each serving different purposes:

A summary of the review information

The URL you’ll need to use for our Reviews API ‘reviews summary’ is: 

Use the 'reviews summary' API endpoint to display overall review statistics, such as total reviews and average scores.

A detailed listing of reviews

The URL you’ll need to use for our Reviews API ‘reviews’ is:  

The 'reviews' API endpoint allows you to display individual ratings and comments left by your customers.

Product Ratings

The URL you’ll need to use for our Product Ratings API is: 

The 'Product Ratings' API endpoint is useful for showcasing specific product ratings using SKUs.

API Review Data Return Format

A successful API call to Feefo's Reviews API returns review data in JSON format. For example, the following request:  

The response will include various details such as the merchant identifier, review count, rating information for service and products, and more:

  "merchant": {
    "identifier": "example-retail-merchant", 
    "name": "Example Retail Merchant", 
    "url": "", 
    "logo": "example-retail-merchant-logo.png", 
    "review_url": ""

"meta": {
    "count": 3878, 
    "pages": 194, 
    "page_size": 20

"rating": {
     "min": 1, 
     "max": 5, 
     "rating": 4.9, 

"service": {
       "count": 3878, 
       "1_star": 8, 
       "2_star": 28, 
       "3_star": 0,
       "4_star": 181, 
       "5_star": 3661

"product": {
       "count": 6240, 
       "1_star": 55, 
       "2_star": 102, 
       "3_star": 0, 
       "4_star": 724, 
       "5_star": 5359


For full details of all of the possible response parameters for the Feefo API please view Reviews API Request or Reviews API Response.

Showcasing Your Reviews

Once the API has returned the necessary data to your servers, you can work with your development team to create a suitable code that lets you present the results as desired. This gives you the opportunity to seamlessly integrate your Feefo reviews onto your web pages, matching the look and feel of your brand. You can use optional parameters to further customize the review display, such as defining the review count, the period for the average rating calculation, or filtering product reviews by SKU.

Optional parameters are:


Brief description


review_count determines if the data returned includes the number of reviews over which the average is calculated. Default = false. If set to true, review_count is included with the product rating data.

since_periodsince_period defines the period over which the average rating is calculated, where default = year.

Other values are:

  • 24_hours
  • week
  • month
  • year
  • all
parent_product_skuparent_product_sku returns only products with the corresponding parent_product_sku.


product_sku is a filter for product reviews assigned to the specified product search code. More than one product_sku can be provided in one request with each product_sku separated by a comma. The value of the product_sku is case insensitive and supports the use of an asterisk (*) as a wildcard character at the beginning and/or end of the supplied parameter to support partial matching for related/variant products.


page_size defines the number of reviews to return per page, the default is 20 and the maximum value is 100.

page defines the page number to return reviews for, the default is 1.


Feefo's Reviews API empowers you with the freedom to integrate and showcase Feefo reviews on your website exactly the way you want. By following the steps mentioned in this article, you can download feedback data, select API endpoints, and utilise the returned JSON format to present engaging Feefo reviews that reflect your brand's identity. If you have any questions or need assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team for further guidance. Happy integrating!