Welcome to the Location Feedback knowledge base article, where we explore an additional feature that allows you to gather service feedback at the point of sale, such as after an in-store interaction or face-to-face activity. Location Feedback utilises unique codes distributed to customers, enabling them to provide feedback on their experience later. This article will cover how to activate Location Feedback, generate unique codes, use the Feefo Places Widget on your website, and view service feedback in your Feefo Hub account and reports.

Location Feedback: Collecting Service Feedback

Location Feedback offers an effective way to collect service feedback from customers who have experienced face-to-face interactions with your business. It is ideal for various business sectors, including high street shops, estate agencies, recruitment agencies, banks, hotels, attractions, on-site maintenance and installation services, hobby/tuition classes, and anywhere else customers have in-person interactions.

Activating Location Feedback and Generating Unique Codes

Once Location Feedback is activated on your account, you gain the ability to generate unique 6-digit codes, which can be prefaced with 3 characters for categorisation purposes. These codes can be printed for distribution by staff or inputted using iPads or similar devices for customers to complete feedback while still on-site.

Integrate Feefo Places Widget on Your Website

You also have the option to integrate the Feefo Places Widget on your website, typically on the home page. Customers can enter their Store Code directly into the widget, making it convenient for them to provide service feedback.

How it Works: Collecting Service Feedback

To demonstrate the process, let's consider a high street shop with multiple branches. For each store, you can create a unique Store Code along with a name and description. After generating the codes in bulk, you receive a .csv file containing all the codes.

Once activated on your account – you will see the Feefo Places tab on the left of your screen: 


Let’s use the example of a high street shops.  You have a shop in Blackpool, Birmingham, London 

For the Blackpool Store complete the fields as follows:

Name – Blackpool  

Prefix – BLA 

Description – Blackpool Shop 

Then select ‘SAVE STORE CODE’ 

Your code is then made visible at the bottom of the screen: 

You can now move on to generate your codes – enter the amount you require, for example 200 - then select ‘GENERATE STORE CODE’ 


Once you have clicked to generate the codes a .csv file will be produced with your codes - see an example screenshot of the file below:

By putting the shortened URL in the URL field:


You are then taken to the feedback form to capture the service feedback, store code then acts as the order reference:



Service Feedback Submission and Google Attribution

Customers can use the shortened URL with the Store Code to access the feedback form and submit their responses. The service feedback is stored within your Feefo account, treated like other feedback, and can be attributed to Google for use in ad campaigns.

This is how the service feedback displays in your Feefo Hub account, just as it would with any other method of gathering reviews:



Location Feedback in Reports 

For more detailed reporting, you can tag the Store Code with additional information, such as a specific branch or advisor. 


When feedback is left against this particular store code, where the advisor has been tagged in this way, the feedback will also show the tag information:

This then pulls into the Reports > Feedback Breakdown Report


Location Feedback is a valuable addition to your account, enabling you to collect service feedback from customers after face-to-face interactions. By generating unique codes and utilising the Feefo Places Widget on your website, you can efficiently gather valuable feedback that enhances your business insights. The feedback is automatically stored in your Feefo account and can be used for Google ad campaigns. With Location Feedback, you gain deeper customer insights and improved reporting capabilities for better business decisions. If you need further assistance or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our support team.