Feefo Highlighted Snippets widget is an on-page integration that lets you display positive review snippets on a fully customisable carousel at any point in your on-site customer journey.

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How to install a Highlighted Snippets widget

  1. Login to the Feefo Hub and head to the Widget Gallery by clicking on ‘Marketing > Widget Gallery’ in the left-hand menu
  2. Scroll down and select ‘Highlighted Snippets’
  3. On the ‘Create New Widget’ page, start by giving your widget a unique name (you will not be able to save your widget without a name)
  4. Select which of your reviews you want your widget to appear for from the following options:
    • Service 
    • All products (Filter by ‘Google Product Category’ or ‘Sales Tags’)
    • Single product (Filter by ‘Sales Tags’)

A live preview of your widget will update on the right-hand side, showing your latest customisation choices as they’ll appear on your website.

  1. Select the number of topics you want to display
  2. Select the number of snippets you want to display
  3. Adjust the positive or negative sentiment for the reviews using the slider
  4. Click ‘Save settings’ 
  5. Once you’ve saved your widget, click the ‘Installation Guide’ button to generate your unique HTML codes needed to embed the widget onto your website.

Copy the Feefo Script and paste it in your website's HTML code in the <head> element on the page you would like the widget to appear on.

Example code:

<script type="text/javascript" src="https://api-qa-f.feefo.com/api/javascript/example-retail-merchant" async></script>

You also have to add the Integration Code below to the <body> element of the web page’s HTML in the location where you want the widget to appear.

Example code:

<div data-feefowidget-st-snippets="5e5e3b67e4b02f0fb8754f82"></div>

How to customise your Highlighted Snippets widget

You can further customise the following elements of your Highlighted Snippets widget using the ‘customise’ menu in the widget editor:

  • Orientation of carousel (horizontal or vertical)
  • Displaying the star rating for each review, reviewer’s name, date of review and the Feefo logo
  • Background and borders
  • Number of snippets per slide, the carousel behavior (static or auto-rotate) and the time delay between rotating through snippets
  • Title of the widget
  • Font type, size and colour for the title, snippets and reviewer’s details
  • Star size and colour 

 Managing your Smart Themes widgets

Once you’ve created and saved your Highlighted Topics and Snippets widgets, you can manage them using the corresponding widget menu. 

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To bring up the widgets menu, head back to the Widget Gallery and click on either the ‘Highlighted Topics’ or ‘Highlighted Snippets’ option. 

From the widget menu you can:

  • Switch on and off the visibility of your widgets
  • Click into and edit each individual widget
  • Create new widgets 


I don’t have Smart Themes; how can I add it to my account?

If you don’t have Smart Themes as part of your Feefo package, click on ‘Additional features’ and then ‘Get in touch’ to request a call back. Alternatively, you can contact your Customer Success Manager or our Support team directly.