Feefo’s Insight Tags is an excellent way of tracking themes in your data so you can discover what people are saying about your business. Identifying the most common themes in your feedback, whether positive or negative, will help you understand what your customers are talking about the most.  

You can tag as many themes and phrases you like in your customer feedback, from ‘brand’ and ‘quality’ to ‘booking process’ and ‘returns’.  

How to set up your ‘tags’ 

To set up your Insight Tags, once in the Feefo Hub, go to Settings > Insight Tags and Predictive Response. Make sure you have the first tab selected – ‘Insight Tag Definitions’. From here, you can create your tag by clicking the blue button on the bottom left named ‘Add new key tag’, and enter the name of the main topic you want to track, whether it’s ‘staff’, ‘brand’, ‘products’ or ‘website’, for example. 

Add as many of these themes as you like by clicking on the blue ‘Create’ button, and when you’re done, click ‘Save tag keys’. You can always come back and add more later.  

Your saved tags will now be displayed on the left of your screen.  

How to create additional ‘tags’ 

You can break these terms down even more, so that you can track more specific topics within your main tags. For example, if you want to track ‘staff’, you could break that down into a number of different areas, such as ‘support’, ‘sales’, or ‘account management’.  

To add these sub-categories, click on a tag on the left, and then ‘Add new tag value’ on the bottom right of the page. Add the name of your new tag, and press ‘save’. This will now appear in a list on the right when you click on its main tag.  

How to set up ‘tag’ groups 

Click on the second tab at the top of the page to create tag groups. These allow you to group any of your tags together, so you can create, report on and track unique categories in your customer feedback. Simply click ‘Add new tag group’, name your group, and select which tags you want to include from the list.  

How to use ‘predictive responses’ 

The third tab on this page is ‘Predictive responses'. Using these predictive responses, you can create templates for feedback replies that you can use over and over again, without the need to keep typing them out. 

So, for example, you could have three different versions of responses that say ‘Thank you so much for your lovely feedback’. By assigning an Insight Tag to each response, your templated reply will be suggested when you tag your customer feedback with the relevant tag.  

Don’t forget, you can edit, remove or add Insight Tags at any time by heading to this area of the Feefo Hub!