After a customer has left a review, you have the option to respond publicly to their feedback.

We always recommend that you reply to your feedback, especially if the review is negative. Responding to a negative review gives you and your business a chance to offer an explanation or an apology for the experience, which doesn’t just leave your customer with a more positive outlook on the situation, but also shows any potential customers that you care.  

Once you’ve replied to the initial review, the customer can provide more feedback and can even change their previous rating.  



Search engines consider conversations between customers and merchants as interesting content – this includes both the positive and the negative. This is why we recommend responding to positive reviews, too.  

Here are a few tips on how to respond to customer feedback:  

  • Keep your responses short and concise  
  • If something has gone wrong, acknowledge what happened and make sure you apologise
  • If possible, explain what has been done to prevent the issue happening again  
  • Refer to any correspondence that has been made  
  • Address your customer by their name, unless they’ve chosen to appear anonymous 
  • Avoid any ‘business speak’, and keep your language friendly  
If you’d like to find out more about responding to negative reviews, check out our guide