Callout: Feedback Request Manager is an additional feature that may not be part of your current Feefo package. If you cannot find it within the Hub and would like to add it to your account, get in touch with us to ask for more details and pricing information.  

What is Feedback Request Manager? 

Feedback Request Manager (Previously known as 'Campaign Manager Tool' or 'CMT') allows you to add more than one ‘campaign’ in the Feefo Hub. Having multiple campaigns allows you to create and send different feedback requests at different points in the customer journey. 

Each campaign can consist of multiple touchpoints in the customer journey, where you can send customisable and personalised feedback requests to your customers.  

You can use Feedback Request Manager to increase your response rates by personalising content or send times to suit different customers, collect feedback and insight from across the entire customer journey and collect private reviews. 

To find out more about setting up your campaign preferences, read our article here. 

Not sure how Feedback Request Manager could work for your industry? Here are some examples:



  • Request feedback after purchase 
  • Request feedback after an item is returned 
  • Request feedback after store collection 


  • Request feedback after a valuation of a property 
  • Request feedback after a viewing 
  • Request feedback after successful completion of a purchase or rental agreement 

Finance/insurance services 

  • Request feedback after a quote  
  • Request feedback after buying a service/policy 
  • Request feedback after a claim 
  • Request feedback after an interaction with customer services 


  • Request feedback after an inbound enquiry 
  • Request feedback after an interview 
  • Request feedback after position secured 


  • Request feedback after booking 
  • Request feedback after arrival 
  • Request feedback after excursion 


  • Request feedback after the purchase of a vehicle 
  • Request feedback after a test drive 
  • Request feedback after a service appointment at a dealership or garage 


How do I set up more than one campaign? 

Login to the Feefo Hub and head to ‘Campaigns’ > ‘Manage Campaigns’. If Feedback Request Manager is enabled on your account, then you will see the ‘Create New Campaign’ button in the top right: 


What happens if I want to add multiple feedback requests in a campaign? 

Each additional campaign that you set up can include multiple triggers if you want to contact customers several times. For example, if you’re collecting feedback on a holiday experience you could include the post-booking, post-arrival and post-holiday requests in one campaign, requesting service and/or product feedback at each stage. 

To add additional requests to a campaign you have set up, go to ‘Campaigns > Manage Campaigns’ and select ‘Actions > Edit’ on the campaign you want to modify. From there you’ll see the option to ‘Add New Trigger’: 



How do I trigger a feedback request from a non-default campaign? 

Any Feefo sales or product tag can be used to trigger a feedback request - We recommend using the sales tag ‘campaign’ to manage your campaign triggers. If no tag/trigger is included in your sales data, the default campaign will be used.