This article introduces Feefo's product catalogue and its structure, and provides instructions for creating, validating and uploading the file to the Feefo Hub.

A product catalogue is a file that contains a list of products and associated meta data. Customer sales are submitted to Feefo and once uploaded, the products from the sale are matched to products in the product catalogue. If a match is made, the sale data is enhanced with the data found in the Product Catalogue resulting in a graphical and content-rich description throughout the Feefo Platform, Feefo Hub, Reviews pages, consumer emails. 

Full list of all supported fields you can find on the Fields Summary page

Fields which will help to improve a product appearance inside Hub and on public Reviews pages are: 

- Product image.
- Product title.
- Product description.
- Product category.

With this data in place, users of the Feefo Hub and consumers alike will benefit from product information similar to:

Fields which will help to strengthen your product catalogue and get higher mapping results for multiple purposes are:

- Product Search Code (Product SKU)
- Brand

Having this values defined allows you to get better match for Google Products Ads, smoother connect to your Google Shopping Feed and Facebook Dynamic ads should you want to user this feature. It also gives a range of filters you can use across Hub to find and group your products.

Fields which will help you to customise your Feefo account and make it richer are:

- Product Category (Google Product Category)
- Product Attributes
- Product Tags

Having attributes defined for a product you will be able to collect attributes rating and display the results both on public Reviews pages and inside product related widgets on your own website.

Having tags defined will allow you to use filtering inside Hub, and define content you want to see inside widgets or customise the Feedback request for a product inside Campaigns Module if your business has more complicated flows where this is applicable. 

Additional benefits uploading product catalogue gives are:

- Append additional data to sales that have already been uploaded to Feefo.
- Bulk update product descriptions, tags, parent SKUs, URLs or product images.
- Handle underlying SKU, URL, product image or other metadata fields when moving from one ecommerce platform to another.
- Grouping or splitting up of existing reviews.

More details on each field you can find on the Fields Summary page or by downloading a product catalogue template file from the Hub > Manage Product Catalogue page.