This article introduces Performance Profiling and discusses the key features of the product.

What is Performance Profiling?

Performance Profiling is a smart reporting tool, allowing you to quickly analyse all of your reviews on specific products or service, automatically and in real-time using machine-learning technology. This allows product and marketing managers unrivalled access to incredible insight into product and service performance, helping them to understand strengths and weaknesses and gain valuable business intelligence.

Make better business decisions

Performance Profiling gives you the data you need to truly understand your customer reviews by:

  • Identifying specific aspects of your customer journey.
  • Setting custom parameters to report on, such as time-frame, specific products or service.
  • Unlocking a detailed summary of all reviews and drilling down into specific topic areas.

How does it work?

Performance Profiling automatically analyses all your reviews, identifies sentiment, and plots feedback accordingly on the Topic Insights graph. This is divided into quadrants, allowing you to understand themes across all of your reviews at a glance, and take the best course of action.

Machine learning, powering your business intelligence

Whether your business needs a quick snapshot of everything your customers are saying or the most comprehensive and accurate reports on feedback available, Performance Profiling uses the very latest technologies to:

  • Discover products, or aspects of your service that are performing well, or are in need of review.
  • Gain insight into terms and keywords commonly used in reviews, helping you to build better performing product pages and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) adverts.

What are your customers thinking?

Understanding your customers starts with unpacking their feedback. Every review contains insight into the customer experience. Together, all of your feedback creates a detailed profile, rich in insight that can fuel business growth. Use Performance Profiling to draw out the sentiment behind reviews, automatically create accurate reports and drive valuable business intelligence.

To learn more, take a look at:

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  • Product Performance Report: Choose the products, compare the sentiment and dig deep into the metrics of a single product. Understanding your product reviews starts here!
  • Service Performance Report: Expose every detail of your customer's service feedback to discover your organisation's strengths and weaknesses.

Want to know more? Simply get in touch with one of our team to discuss how to include the Performance Profiling upgrade to your Feefo Reporting Suite.