productattributes are used to extend the single product rating that Feefo requests for products. Rather than just a single rating, you might wish to ask for additional more targeted feedback regarding certain qualities of the purchased items. 

Each attribute listed separately is shown on the feedback form as a separate question. For example, if the product is a t-shirt, you may wish to ask about the fit, colour and quality. In that case, to ask the extra three questions, the productattributes parameter would be:

  • &productattributes=fit&productattributes=colour&productattributes=quality

Different products can have different attributes. For example:

  • A pair of shoes could have the attributes fit, comfort and value.
  • A washing machine could have the attributes noise, effectiveness and value.
  • A laptop could have the attributes performance, features, build and value.

If some products uploaded with Entersaleremotely have productattributes defined and others don't, only the products with productattributes will have the additional questions. The products without will only display the default product question.