This article looks in detail at setting up Media Gallery Widget, and the additional features it introduces to the Media Gallery. Media Gallery is currently a limited access feature so please contact your account manager to express your interest in this feature.

With Media Gallery enabled, you can easily add a collection of media files to your website by combining them together as a media wall or media carousel. This is achieved by inserting a reference to a JavaScript tag in the source of your web page. The JavaScript content is hosted by Feefo and sent to a client browser on request. The URL of the source of the JavaScript passes your merchant identifier as a parameter allowing the Feefo server to display to the user media files that you have approved. Knowledge of JavaScript is not required for this integration method as it is all taken care of by Feefo.

Media Integration has three prerequisites:

  1. Media uploads need to be enabled for your chosen campaign. See Campaigns - Customise Form for more details.
  2. In 'Settings > Feedback Preferences > Feedback To Display', the option 'Display customer uploaded media' needs to be enabled.
  3. Your account needs to include access to Media Integration. Contact your account manager

Media Integration gives you the option of a quick, simple and effective method of publishing approved user-generated media on your website. It needs only two additional lines of code in your HTML:

  1. The first line of code is a <script> tag. Copy and paste it into your website's code, as close to the closing body tag as possible.   

    <script type="text/javascript" src="" async></script>

    merchantidentifier identifies the Feefo account. Replace this with your unique Feefo identifier. Your merchant identifier can be found in the Feefo Hub; see Where to find my merchant identifier.

  2. The second line of code, a <div> tag, determines where on the web page the wall or carousel will be located. Wherever in the HTML this line of code is inserted will define the media widget's location.

    <div id="feefo-media-integration-widgetId" class="feefo-media-integration-widget">

Your web page will now display media files as per the media integration settings on your account. Each of the settings has defaults but if you would like to review/change any of them, they can be found in the Feefo Hub under 'Marketing > Media Integration'.

The Media Gallery customisations and settings are as follows:

  • Decide whether you want to have a media wall or media carousel included on your web page. This is defined by clicking on 'Change' underneath the example media carousel or media wall image. The default template is 'Media Carousel'. Make your choice between Media Carousel or Media Wall and then click 'Select Template'. 
  • Define the media types that are included in the media wall or carousel. You can have only videos, only photos, or both videos and photos. The default is to include both videos and photos.
  • Decide whether you wish to display service review media files or product review media files in the media wall or carousel. Displaying both service and product media files is not possible. The default is product review media files.
  • If product review media files are chosen, a further setting determines what the customer will see when they click on the media tile. If the uploaded sale that generated the review and media file has a product link included, clicking the media tile will link to the product page on your website. If the uploaded sale does not include a product link, clicking the media tile will link to the location defined as your Website Forwarding URL (an optional setting that is found at 'Settings > Feefo Reviews > Brand Profile > Website Forwarding URL'). 
  • There are two options to determine which media files will be approved for publication in your media wall or carousel:      
    • Manually approve media on the feedback page: When this option is selected, you will need to individually approve each media file by using the 'Gallery' tab within the 'Feedback' menu. See 'Use in media gallery integration'. 
    • Automatically approve all media with the selected ratings: This option automatically selects the media files for inclusion within the media wall or carousel. When enabled, this option defaults to include all media files that have been submitted with reviews that have a 4 or 5-star rating. Clicking on the drop-down menu alongside this option gives access to further settings, allowing you to configure which review ratings will have their media files automatically added. Any automatically approved media file can be unapproved by using the 'Remove from media gallery integration' option. 
  • If you are using the Media Wall template, there is an additional option. Media Filters determines which of the filters that you offer on your Feefo merchant page will be offered to customers when viewing the Media Wall. Up to 4 filters can be added. Direct access to your filters is also possible from this option using 'Set up your filters and labels'. The filters are added to the top of your media wall:
  • Once configured, 'Save Settings' will save your settings and immediately reconfigure your media wall or carousel and 'Reset' will discard your changes. 'Back To Widgets' will take you to the Widgets Gallery page where the preferences for all integration methods can be configured. 

And finally, you may wish to consider the timeframe over which the media is sourced for displaying in the wall or carousel. This can be defined in 'Marketing > Widget Gallery > General Settings > Service - Rating Timeframe' or 'Product - Rating Timeframe' (depending on whether you are displaying service or product media):

  • Our recommended option, and the default, is to 'Show Reviews Only For The Past Year'. This means that all media displayed in the media wall or carousel will be less than 1 year old and so will contain fresh content that most customers will find relevant. 
  • The alternative option is 'All Reviews'. If you have only received a small number of media files in the past year, this option can provide a greater selection of content but as they will be sourced from data that could be have been created a long time ago, the reviews may not be as helpful for future customers as the more recent reviews.
  • After making your choice, click 'Save Settings'.
  • Refresh the web page where the media wall or carousel is integrated to see the updated content.

If you have chosen to manually approve the media files, you will now need to choose which files will be included. If you've chosen automatic approval, you will probably want to review which files have been automatically selected. Either way, these functions are completed using the 'Gallery' tab in the 'Feedback' menu and so before proceeding, ensure you are familiar with the standard Media Gallery features. All of the standard features are available to you when preparing your integration but Media Integration adds some extra features which are detailed below.

The first set of extras are the 'Quick search' options at the top of the page:

  • When neither quick search is active, the default gallery view shows all user-generated photos and videos that have been submitted with customer reviews. 
  • Approved for integration: Displays a media tile for all photos and videos that have been approved for inclusion in a Media Wall or Media Carousel. Both manually and automatically approved media files are shown under this tab.
  • Unapproved: Displays a media tile for all files that have not been approved for inclusion in a Media Wall or Media Carousel.

The following example shows no active filters and so, therefore, is displaying all 66 media tiles. Clicking either of the quick search options will apply a filter to show either tiles that are / are not approved for integration.

The next example has the 'Approved for integration' quick search active and shows there are only 14 photos approved for integration. Any tile approved has a 'tick' added to the tile:

Placing your cursor over a tile displays the same options as described in the Media Gallery, the only difference being that under the ellipsis '...' each tile has the additional option of 'Use in media integration'. This option approves the media file for integration by adding the 'tick' which marks it as approved for integration.

Once a tile is approved, the list of options from the ellipsis menu changes to include 'Remove from media integration'. This option removes the 'tick' so it is no longer approved.

Clicking on either a photo or video tile displays the same window and options as described previously in the Media Gallery, the only difference being the additional 'Use in media integration' option which has the same functionality as the 'use in/remove from media integration' menu options described above.

Media files approved using this technique will also have a 'tick' added to the tile.

Once you have finished approving your media files, check which ones will be published and which will not by using the quick search options at the top of the page:This completes the Media Gallery article.