This article discusses the second stage of setting up Advertising for Facebook but only applies when you have both a Google Shopping Feed and a Facebook Product Catalogue.

  1. Ensure you have completed all steps in Connecting Your Feefo Account to Facebook.
  2. Having connected your Facebook Business Manager to your Feefo account, you will now see a form as below:
  3. The next step is to create a product catalogue to hold Feefo's product ratings for Facebook Dynamic Ads. This can be generated from either a Google Shopping Feed or Facebook Product Catalogue but whichever source is chosen, the catalogue holding the review data will be a Facebook Product Catalogue. As you have indicated that you have both a Google Shopping Feed and a Facebook Product Catalogue, you will need to choose one to be the source. Choose the one which is most up-to-date and that has all of the products that feature in your advertising campaigns.

Decide which source you want to use and click on the appropriate 'Create from' option on the form: Then follow the instructions for your chosen catalogue/feed: