This article describes how Advertising for Facebook uses a Google or Facebook product catalogue.

Targeted adverts served by Facebook Dynamic Ads generate higher conversion rates for click-throughs than adverts that are non-targeted. This, in turn, leads to increased brand loyalty and additional revenue. As a Feefo merchant, you know that adverts have a limited effect and that having seen something of interest, consumers will often seek trusted reviews from genuine customers before making a purchasing decision. With your Feefo account possibly having thousands or tens of thousands of valuable customer reviews, Advertising for Facebook adds your Feefo ratings to the Facebook Dynamic Ads giving Facebook users immediate insight into the quality of the advertised products and an even greater reason for clicking-through to find out more.

One of the most important steps when setting up Advertising for Facebook is to map your Feefo product data to your existing Google or Facebook product catalogue. Most existing product catalogues are created as Google Shopping Feeds or if you're already using Facebook Dynamic Ads, a Facebook Product Catalogue. Feefo can use either of these to build a Feefo ratings-enriched Facebook product catalogue which will add Feefo ratings and review data content to your Facebook Dynamic Ads.

If you don't currently use either a Google Shopping Feed or a Facebook Product Catalogue, this is not a problem. As part of the setup process, we will ask you to create a Facebook Product Catalogue that will be used to store the data needed for Feefo Advertising.

There are 4 possible paths for creating your Feefo ratings-enriched product catalogue. Click on the link that best describes your current product catalogue configuration: