Feefo offers an app for the quick and easy integration of your Feefo reviews into Facebook. The app feeds all reviews to your Facebook page giving consumers the chance to view everything your customers are saying through this channel. 

You may wish to be more selective about which reviews you share and so we have made it easier than ever to push individual reviews directly to your Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest walls.

Connect your Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest accounts

You can connect your social media accounts through 'Settings > Website Settings > Social Media'.

1. Upload a ‘Merchant Brand Photo’. This image will be used in place of your merchant logo if there is no product photo or user-generated photo to choose from. NB: You can update this image as regularly as you want.

2. Start connecting your social accounts. Follow the step-by-step instructions whilst connecting your social media accounts. NB: You can only push reviews to Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest from your feedback portal.

3. Click 'Save Changes'.

4. Start sharing!

Start sharing your reviews

  • You can share your reviews directly from your feedback portal. Click on the 'Share' icon to get started.

  • Customise your post.

1. Select the aspect of the review you would like to share.

2. Select the image you would like to use within your post.

You will be able to select one of the following images:

NB: If none of the above images are selected then the Feefo logo will be used as default.

3. Say something about your review (Facebook only).

4. Preview your posts.

You can preview your posts across all connected social media accounts by switching the view in the top right-hand corner.

5. Select which accounts you would like to share to.

You can share to all three social media accounts at the same time by checking the relevant accounts below.

6. Click 'Post Now'.

If you need help contact us directly so we can guide you through this process.