mpn is recommended only if the product does not have a manufacturer assigned gtin.  The inclusion of gtin or mpn and brand will be required in future releases. The product’s Manufacturer Part Number (mpn) must have been assigned by the manufacturer and should be as specific as possible in identifying the product variant e.g. colour, size.  Used for identifying unbranded products in both sales files and product catalogues. If used in a product catalogue, brand must also be assigned. mpn has a maximum length of 70 alphanumeric characters.

Usage is as follow:

File typeTXT/CSV file field name
XML field name (case sensitive)
Default value
Sales filempn
Optional (not needed if gtin supplied)
Product cataloguempn
N/AOptional (not needed if gtin supplied) but if used, must also include brand.
None property

  • Product.mpn

Sales File Field: product attributes

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