A basic campaign template is only available to merchants with Multiple Campaigns.

This article discusses the settings for a single basic campaign that has multiple touchpoints, requesting feedback at different stages in the customer's journey using the product. For details for configuring campaigns that offer multiple service feedback requests with multiple touchpoints too, take a look at Multiple Basic Campaigns.

Rather than focus on functionality, this article will look at a car leasing company named My Car Lease. They currently have a default campaign which asks all customers to rate their experience at the start of the lease but it doesn't offer the customer an opportunity to provide feedback at other times. My Car Lease wants to send quarterly feedback requests to all customers giving them the opportunity to regularly update their original product feedback whilst giving My Car Lease the chance to update customers on issues relevant to their lease. A campaign can only ever send one service feedback request. As My Car Lease will continue to request service feedback at the start of the lease, any further feedback requests can only be for the product.

Before any campaign can start processing sales, it needs to have one or more triggers (the default campaign is an exception as it has a built-in trigger for all tags that are not defined elsewhere). A trigger determines when the campaign sends emails/SMS messages and is defined by one or more tag conditions. The tag conditions are checked against the sales tags associated with each sales line uploaded to Feefo and where the conditions match, the trigger becomes active and the campaign that the trigger is associated with will start sending review requests/reminders.

Sales tags are created as a key: value pair. A full list of Feefo's predefined sales tags can be found in Sales and Product Tags. As we do not have any special functionality associated with individual tag keys, you are able to determine how each tag key is assigned but it's a good idea to use tag keys that are intuitive. For this example, 'date' has been chosen as the tag key, and as contact will be made quarterly, the values used will be start, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and end. 

  1. The 'Basic Campaign' is provided as a generic campaign that can be customised to the needs of any industry or product so this is a good starting point for My Car Lease. A basic campaign is created from the Campaigns Manager by clicking Create New Campaign
  2. Choose Basic Campaign and Continue.
  3. The Campaign ' Basic Campaign' - Edit Campaign form is displayed, defaulting to the Campaign Setup tab.
  4. The campaign is given a name by editing the Campaign Name. The default name is Basic Campaign but for this example, we'll change it to 12 month lease.
  5. The trigger is also given a name that makes it easier to identify. In this case, the first trigger at the beginning of the lease is called Start of lease.
  6. The 'Start of lease' trigger needs to request a review at the beginning of the lease. As defined above, date is the tag key that determines which trigger is used. This is configured by setting the conditions in the left-hand drop-down list in the pale blue section of the trigger.
  7. The tag value is similarly set using the right-hand drop-down list in the pale blue section of the trigger. The selection is made either from a list of previously used values or use Add New Value to add one that hasn't been used before. In this example, a new tag value is needed.
  8. Enter start into the Create New Date Tag prompt. Click Create Tag.
  9. The 'Start of lease' trigger is now fully configured with a single condition, 'date IS start'.
  10. If errors are made when adding a tag condition, the whole tag condition can be deleted by clicking on the red cross to the left of that tag condition and re-added if needed.
  11. Although the trigger's been created, it's not saved as part of the campaign yet. Use Save Trigger to save the trigger or Cancel to discard the details of the new trigger.
  12. My Car Lease now has a single campaign (12 month lease) which has a single trigger (Start of lease) which has a single condition (date:start) that sends a feedback request to all sales lines with a tag key of 'date' and a tag value of 'start'.
  13. As My Car Lease want to gather feedback quarterly, they need to add four further triggers, each with a single condition, to trigger the 3 month, 6 month, 9 month and end of lease feedback requests. This is done by clicking Add New Trigger and repeating the above steps 5 to 11 with different values. As they are wanting to request feedback at four other points in the year, this process needs to be repeated four times.
  14. Each of the additional triggers is named uniquely (3 month follow-up / 6 month follow-up / 9 month follow-up / End of lease respectively) and each trigger has a condition defined with the tag key (the left-hand drop-down) being the same for all (date) but the tag value (the right-hand drop-down) for each will be different (3 months / 6 months / months / end respectively). This is how the campaign looks once completed:
  15. The single campaign (12 month lease) has five triggers, and each of these has a single condition selectable by the 'date' tag. Each of the triggers has its own set of Feedback Preferences too offering the opportunity to have different send options, feedback request content (both email and SMS (for merchants with Feefo SMS)) and feedback form content for each trigger. These preferences need to be configured correctly before sending requests from this campaign.
  16. To save all triggers, click Save Campaign and then Back to Campaigns. To discard edits made to the campaign without saving, click Back to Campaigns and confirm that the edits won't be saved.
  17. The Campaign Manager now shows the two campaigns, 'Default Campaign' and '12 month lease' but only the default is currently processing and sending requests. 
  18. Although processing sales and sending requests for '12 month lease' could now be started, it's probably best to stop sending requests from all campaigns until the sales file is correctly configured. Pausing the default campaign can be done using Actions > Stop Sending Feedback Requests.
  19. To ensure that each customer receives all feedback requests, every sale of '12 month lease' that is uploaded to Feefo will need five lines in the sales file, each line representing a different point in the lease when an email/SMS feedback request is sent. A correctly configured sales file is critical to successfully sending the correct feedback request to the correct customers at the correct time. Using Download example sales file, an example template with the correct tags can be easily created and then edited as needed.
  20. Looking at the example file, the tag key 'date' is added to each of the five lines and each line has a different tag value (as defined by the campaign above). The example template shows the feedback date as the same for all five lines but as this date defines when each feedback request is sent, they will need to be edited to allow My Car Lease to send them at different times. This results in a sales file similar to the following for a single 12 month lease sale. Note how 'feedback date', 'description' and 'tags' (highlighted in yellow) change for each line of the same sale (all have the same order ref).
  21. Once the sales file is configured correctly, the campaigns can start processing sales and sending requests. This is done using Actions > Start Processing Sales and Actions > Start Sending Feedback Requests.
  22. This completes the Single Basic Campaign article.